While people tend to associate private jets as exclusive to a luxury lifestyle, it has been established that flying one can actually be cost wise and save the business a lot of time and overnight hotel reservations. It is also a great idea for companies to hire a jet for their employees’ business trip, especially in cases when it involves several stops and a lot of flight connections. Whatever the scope of your journey, if you go with a jet booked through JetFinder, that will invariably give you more time and get you home just in time for Christmas, for example.

Imagine you are right in the middle of important negotiations that will enable you to close a really lucrative deal. The clock keeps ticking and you are soon reminded that it’s time to head to the airport, in case you don’t want to miss the return flight. You rush the conversation and fail to lead it into the most favorable direction. This would never happen to you if you were traveling on your own schedule. Not convinced yet? Let’s look at other facts you didn’t know about private jet charters that really make a difference as compared to mainstream aviation.

You Take Charge Of Your Schedule

Unlike commercial flights, which have takeoff and landing times practically set in stone, private jets enable you to reschedule on a really short notice, in case you got stuck in a long meeting or simply experience a change in plans. This ensures maximum passenger flexibility and allows for rerouting to match individual needs and circumstances. A change in destination, different from the initially determined itinerary is not at all uncommon, and is something which can accrue a lot of costs if you have booked regular flights.

A great advantage is the fact that jet passengers pass through dedicated terminals and don’t have to mix or stand in queue with commercial airline travelers, Private Jetscape staff point out. This results in record boarding times and practically saves hours on every trip. Transfers are also taken care of upon arrival, as there is usually a car, taxi, helicopter or other means of transport waiting at the terminal to pick you up.

Your Productivity Soars

It turns out that the lack of layovers and intermittent stops boosts focus and results in a 150 per cent increase in productivity. This is due to the fact that there are no breaks in the work process and also the conditions for silence and concentration when necessary are no less than perfect. Private jet service companies go above and beyond in recreating the comfort of your home office to the extent of letting you bring your furry best friend to cozy up next to you as you are working away, for example.

Productivity is further boosted via the lack of the strict restrictions that go hand in hand with mainstream aviation. This includes but is not limited to, carry-on baggage, liquids you can bring on board, you name it. All of these details mean increased efficiency for the passengers. Apart from costs being leveraged, it is also really efficient to take a multi-stop journey and visit numerous customers on the same day, for example. While this would still involve ticket prices higher than the regular business class trip, the advantage of having a custom itinerary with all its advantages is unsurpassed.

You Sign Up For Safety And Luxury

Safety is the most important aspect of any sort of travel, really, but it is even more emphasized when you fly. Since jets land in specifically designated locations and avoid crowded airports which are often the unfortunate target of terrorist activity, private travelers are more protected from finding themselves in that sort of situation. Confidentiality of team meetings and discussions is also maintained, as sensitive topics cannot be accidentally overheard by strangers.

Needless to say, the quality of service you get will exceed any experience you have on a business-class flight. Another difference is the fact that you get an all-in-one service that caters to your needs both in the air and on the ground and involves hotel accommodation, restaurant reservations, office space and even event bookings per request. Not sure how to hire a plane? You can find out about the steps at https://traveltips.usatoday.com/hire-plane-103533.html. On board, you get to meet highly-skilled pilot staff who answer to the highest standards and are available to cater to all your trip needs. You can also count on excellent food variety or even order your favorite meals in advance.

You Both Grow And Achieve Balance

Saving up hours of travel in each direction, you get to wrap up your business appointments faster and go home early to your family. You get to have more time for yourself and thus are able to achieve a healthier work-life balance. You can also choose to either prepare for your next appointment or relax and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Flying privately also gives an indirect boost of economic growth. And this growth happens both inside and outside of the aviation sector. Creating a wider net of connections between territories of different economic status results in the industry playing a strategic role for economic growth and business opportunities.

Less Hustle Means Less Stress

You hardly need to be reminded about all the hustle involved in taking a regular flight at the airport, right? Struggling to get out of bed at an ungodly hour, rushing to the airport with a taxi, thinking about luggage size and requirements, a huge queue at check-in, security scans, the likelihood of lost luggage, or actually having to deal with lost, stolen or damaged suitcases and their contents. Not to mention delays, connection flights and the likelihood of missing one due to unforeseen circumstances. Situations like this cause immense stress (here are tips on how to avoid it) and can easily be avoided by opting for a jet trip instead.

Imagine waking up on your own time, arriving on site minutes before takeoff and traveling without having to undergo countless checks and overcrowded queues. The advantages are more than obvious and well worth the consideration.