How man’s dream took flight

One of man’s earliest desires, taking flight has been one of the cornerstones of our advancement as a civilization. Thanks to the ability to cover thousands of kilometres within a few hours, nothing has turned the wheel of progress into motion quite like air travel. With flying becoming an important part of our lives, the whole paradigm of movement of goods, services and people has changed completely. With no distance or city out of reach, sectors like trade, tourism and logistics have grown by leaps and bounds, with the world now connected better than ever. 

Right from the time when the first flights were successfully demonstrated to modern day, air travel is the foundation on which the progress of the modern world stands. All over the world, air carriers have come up, offering services to people, ferrying them to the destination of their choice, within a matter of hours. From luxury carriers to budget carriers, myriad airlines are available to people, depending on their needs and budget. With facilities like in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi and gourmet food, the aviation industry is now bigger than ever. 

Adding wings of development

Rising rapidly on the back of this effortless means of transport, entire regions that were once hidden in obscurity have now developed into centres of global importance. The UAE is a paragon of how improvement in connectivity can change the face of a region. Once considered to be a desert-land with scant population, the are is now among the biggest entertainment regions of the world, offering luxurious activities and getaways to people from all around the world. Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are now centring of global interests, housing people and tourists from all over the world. f

Flying redefined: Emirates changes the game!

Leading the rise of travel to the UAE have been homegrown air carriers. Set up to provide world-class flying experiences to travellers and connect UAE to the entire world, UAE’s modern-day carriers are now established as global leaders in the aviation industry. 

Leading the way, and arguably the most famous carrier to have come out the region, is Emirates. With operations based out of the Dubai International Airport, within a short span of time, Emirates has established itself as one of the world’s leading airlines. With a firm focus on providing an unmatched and luxurious flying experience to fliers, Emirates now connects UAE to destinations all over the world. Frequent travellers on the carrier rave about its unmatched hospitality and the amazing in-flight entertainment system. 

With flights to 135+ destinations around the world, Emirates carriers the UAE to the world. With unmatched facilities, it is perhaps no surprise that 59 million fliers chose the carrier for their travels in 2018-19! Further, Emirates coupon Codes can be used to save on your bookings.

Your trusted carrier to your favourite destination

Connecting the UAE to the world, Emirates offers services to some of the region’s best cities and places. With the Middle East holding special historic and religious importance, it is lined with places of interest for people all over the world. Fly Emirates to the following destinations and enjoy the best of the Middle East: 

  1. Turkey: The convergence of the West and Asia, Turkey is among the most visited places in the region. Istanbul, holding great historical significance is visited by tourists from all over the world. 
  2. Qatar: Among the wealthiest nations in the world, stepping into Qatar is steeping into the lap of luxury. Explore the perfect fusion of history and modernity with the capital city of Doha offering breath-taking urban views. 
  3. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The holiest place of visit in Islam, the holy cities of Mecca and Medina are visited by millions each year.
  4. Jordan: Explore the city of Petra for the ruins of one of the earlies recorded human settlements- a World Heritage site. 
  5. Iran: A hidden gem, Iran is blessed with varying land relief features and a beautiful culture. 

Plan easy with Noon

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