Did you know that predator is one of the most lively and enjoyable hunting sports? It is a sport that can be played any day of the year when you have less work to do. This type of sport is not only an enjoyable one but also a beneficial sport to the wildlife management in enhancing sustainability and its efforts.

Wildlife management is the key factor that drives many hunters to take a lot of interest in predator calling. With this kind of interest, a lot of beginners have started to learn how to call in coyotes, cougars and bobcats. All predators tend to take off when they see a gun or something that brings in danger.

This type of predator calling is used in ones’ mouth using their hands. The following are reasons why hunters will keep on using hand calls and why they are important.

  1. self-achievement 

There is no greater feeling that can be compared to when a hunter learns to hand call a predator on their own. This is the greatest feeling and every hunter can attest to that. They can also attest to spending a lot of time while practising and once they have learnt, it then becomes evident that the practise pays off.

This is also one of the best ways to welcome a beginner so that they can be encouraged to continue hunting even in the coming days. Most of the veteran predator hunters tend to use electronic calls such as coyote calls and hand calls if there is dire need to satisfy the great feeling of fooling a predator on their own.

  1. Beginners 

A lot of veteran predator hunters can confirm that hand calling is one of the easiest ways to learn if you are a newcomer. Any beginner assumes it as one of the complicated things to learn but with some practices and passion, it then becomes so easy and enjoyable. 

For turkey hunters, the beginners start by using slate calls since it is one of the easiest ways to learn how to predator call.  But with predator hunters, the newcomers start by learning how to close reed calls because it is one of the simplest to learn how to use and then, later on, proceed to open reed calls. Once they have perfected the reed calls they then proceed to coyote calls.

  1. Howling

Once the beginners have perfected their hunting skills, they then start to find a combination of electronic calls and hand calls as interesting ways to hunt. Every newcomer can rate their success rate since they started learning how to predator call and when they can use both the electronic and hand calls.

Every predator hunter will find it interesting to start with a soft howling and then introduce a distress sound such as a gazelle on the electronic caller. By using the two callers, the hunter is able to paint into the coyotes’ mind that there is a fellow coyote who wants to breed or hunt. The competition begins when one coyote hears the other in the same area and they have to see who hunts fast.

  1. Add realism

An inflection is used to add realism even if a predator hunter is using an electronic caller. Inflection is the variation of intonation where different rhythms can be used to spice it up when calling a predator. Hunters can use air as an inflection to produce different sounds.

When making a distress sound, a more realistic sound is important as it helps in adding an inflection that can be produced by electronic calls. Using an inflection that creates realism can help fool some of the hardest predators to come into range.


  1. Backup 

The last and the most important reason every predator hunter will always keep hand calls around is in case they need a backup plan. An electronic caller can cease to function while you are out there hunting. It would be a discouraging thing to continue hunting if you do not have a backup plan.

Electronic callers may malfunction due to the harsh weather conditions that are present in most of the hunting areas. It will be a necessity if a predator keeps more than five open reed calls that are hard to freeze to avoid cutting off the hunt.


To become a veteran hunter, you must be able to learn how to use hand calls. The importance of using these hand calls is that they are very simple to use, they are not expensive and they can’t finish up space in your room. It is a common thing to find a predator hunter with more than 4 hand calls in the field.

In these present days when electronic calls such as coyote calls are so common, it is crazy to know that hand calls still have a purpose in making a beginner perfect their skills in predator hunting.