Do you need a little extra money for the added indulgences of the holiday season? Whether you want to earn the funds to make it to your big family Christmas across the country or you’re hoping to see the ball drop in Times Square, there are several creative ways that you can earn extra money for holiday travel. Take on these tasks for a few months as seasonal work and you may find a good fit that you stick with to make extra cash all year round. Try these opportunities to pad your wallet.

Sell Your Wares on eBay

Thoroughly clean out your house and collect items that you no longer need or use. Regifting is a dangerous proposition if the recipient and original gifter might know one another. A more efficient way to swap older items for new gifts is to list them on eBay. The months leading up to the holiday season are a prime time to sell on eBay, particularly if you have toys or other popular items that could show up under a Christmas tree.

Get Crafty With Your Talents

Crafting and selling on platforms like Esty is a great way to Earn Extra Money For Holiday Travel

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Do you have a talent for crafting? You can turn your hobby into a lucrative business by listing your products on a site such as Etsy. Crochet, knitting, embroidery, sewing, leatherworking, jewelry-making, and more can all help you stock a popular online store. If you find the actual crafting process too time-consuming, consider designing patterns instead. You can sell a single pattern an infinite number of times as a PDF file, giving you endless earning potential.

Test Your Sales Savvy

If you have a knack for making connections and talking to strangers, you might have the perfect skill set for a little work in sales. You can team up with a successful company such as Amway to go into business for yourself selling high-quality products to friends, family, and any potential buyers that you come across in your everyday life. Choose a company with products that you’re passionate about, and the selling might almost do itself as you naturally mention the benefits of your favorite items in everyday conversations.

Snag a Part-Time Job

Many people envision part-time jobs as menial positions in which they’ll be flipping burgers or ringing up purchases. However, there are several opportunities available for part-time work that can fit any skill set or schedule. Consider working as a substitute teacher or coaching a sports team. You could set your own schedule offering your services as a fitness instructor, babysitter, house sitter, or dog walker. School bus drivers have only limited hours as well. Explore your options thoroughly and you’ll find a vast landscape of available jobs.

Share Your Skills

If you’re particularly good at something, you might be able to earn some money by teaching others how to do it. If you can play a musical instrument well and have a knack for explaining it to others, you can become a music instructor right out of your own home. Are you great at writing resumes? Offer your services assisting others in their job search. You can teach a number of artistic pursuits, such as painting, pottery, drawing, or sewing. You can keep up with your favorite hobbies, share your passion, and earn some extra holiday money all at the same time.

Spread Holiday Cheer

Just when you need extra money for your holiday travel, you’ll find a number of seasonal jobs popping up that go hand in hand with the events of the season. Perhaps you’d make a great Santa or look good as a helpful elf. You might be able to put your neat hands to use wrapping gifts at a department store or at the mall. Keep an eye out for special holiday events and activities that are hiring helpers, and you can earn a little extra cash as you spread the cheer.

There’s no need to miss a major holiday event, no matter how far it is from your current city. Use these tricks to earn some more money this season and you’ll have everything you need to pull off your ultimate goals for holiday travel.