Tank driving is one of the more awesome driving activities can be had for those with some extra quid burning a hole in their pocket ... photo by CC user Brian Robert Marshall on geograph.org.uk

Looking for a way to insert some adrenaline into your upcoming vacation? There are many ways you can translate your love for all things motorised into a fortnight you won’t soon forget.

Many of the following activities also make great gifts that friends of a man who is about to get married can get their best bud for his stag day (if this sounds interesting to you, gift coupon providers such as IntoTheBlue offer many packages that will work very well).

If you are looking for a theme to plan around, the following ideas will fit well in addition to being awesome driving activities to try on your next holiday…

1) Saddle up on some Harley Davidson motorcycles

There’s nothing quite as freeing for many people than to climb aboard a Harley Davidson and hit the open road.

Despite its intimidating reputation, the Harleys of today are surprisingly comfortable, yet they still retain their trademark roar, along with all the power that goes with it.

Whether you decide to go on a weekend adventure to Land’s End, or head upcountry through the heathlands to the Lake District, the freedom and cool factor that your hogs will provide will make it a memorable time indeed.

2) Try your hand at rally car

NASCAR has nothing on the tenuous thread that stands between glory and disaster in the breakneck world of rally car.

While the danger is real for those pushing their elite skills to the limit in the highest forms of this motor sport, others can hit the course strictly for fun, having the time of their lives in the process.

Pro drivers are often your instructors at special rally car schools, teaching you maneuvers that would get your car impounded if you were to try it on a public road in view of a peace officer.

Just the same, these techniques are all good fun on a closed track, and many of your teacher’s tips will make you a better driver when the time comes to return to the significantly more boring highways and byways of which you are all too familiar.

3) Live out a fantasy: get behind the wheel of a battle ready tank

Many have dreamt of driving a tank as a child, but few think they will be ever be able to do so, unless they sign up for the armed forces. Contrary to what many believe, there are activity providers that will allow you to realize this desire, and at a very reasonable price.

From crushing cars to paintball battles using your tank’s turret (it’s true!), you are only a few hundred quid from having one of the most memorable days in your life to date.