Falling off the wagon with your fitness goals can be discouraging. However discouraging it may feel, everybody does this. You are not alone in the ongoing struggle for health, wellness, and overall well-being. Stop beating yourself up and read these four steps to get back on track.

1. Ease back into it

When you’ve hit a wall, this is the time to regroup. It doesn’t matter if you skipped your workouts or ate food a little too tasty for weight loss. All that matters is that you get back on the horse. Try to get back into the game gradually by re-introducing yourself to your diet and workout routine in baby steps. For example, if you started a vegan lifestyle and found it difficult to avoid dairy this week, consider buying vegan cheese to curb your cravings. Vegan alternatives for dairy are not necessarily the healthiest foods, but you’ll be making the vegan choice which will prompt you to make healthier choices later on. The same ideas apply to exercise. If you were adjusting to a 3-mile run every morning and had somehow skipped your past two runs, ease back into the process by going for a 1 mile run or attempting all three by walking instead. As long as you are getting into the habit of prioritizing your health, you will eventually return to your routine.

2. Take organic vegan CBD gummies

Make sure that you maintain your nutritional goals. In doing so, you will reduce cravings for junk food, increase your energy levels, and find that sticking to your health and wellness goals is more straightforward. You can include organic CBD gummies from CBDfx into your routine to feel more grounded as you pursue your workouts. Some people make eating healthy and exercising look easy, but the reality is that it’s difficult for everyone. The more you practice, the more your body will crave these things, and the less you will feel compelled to indulge in junk foods and a sedentary lifestyle. The best thing you can do for yourself is to validate those needs while prioritizing your fitness goals. There is a time for indulging and a time for working hard.

3. Set a Cheat Meal

You should consider setting aside one meal a week to have whatever it is you’re craving. That same approach can be applied to exercise by taking one day off each week. You can’t always be in go, go, go, mode. There is a time for rest and recovery between all the effort you are putting into your fitness and wellness goals.

4. Measure your Success in Clothing

Relying on the scale to indicate progress is very frustrating. There are so many different factors that influence your weight from day to day so depending on a number to tell you how well you’re doing is not the most practical way to track your progress. Instead, measure your progress in clothing. Have you noticed that your pants are a little looser around your midsection? Minor implications are signs that you are making progress, and you can rely on them much more definitively than you can on the scale. Don’t let what the scale tells you discourage you, and please know that sometimes you’ll lose inches before you’ll lose pounds and that you’ll gain water weight before you’ll show lean muscle. These are just small hurdles to get over as you work your way to your goals.

Getting back on track to achieving your fitness goals is not easy for anyone. Take it slowly and prioritize your progress in ways that make sense to you. If you listen to yourself and go at the pace that works for your body, you can’t go wrong. See you at the finish line.