Para version Espanol, haz click aqui: UberEats en la Ciudad de Mexico

Since Uber came to Mexico, it has been growing by leaps and bounds – Uber’s latest service innovation is the introduction of UberEats. It isn’t available everywhere yet, but I am happy to say that you can now use UberEats in Mexico City!


Like most cities, Mexico City has lots of delivery options – but they definitely are not all created equal. For new expats or visitors to the city, ordering food can be a fairly stressful undertaking. You might not have any idea of what restaurant options there are or who to call. Or, you might not know how to call (if you don’t have a local phone, or haven’t figured out how to call local numbers, it can be quite confusing). Other complicating factors might be that you don’t speak enough Spanish to understand the menu and thus have no idea what to order, you don’t know the city well enough to figure out what a good delivery option might be, or you speak enough Spanish to know what you want to order, but not enough to manage a super-fast telephone conversation to find out why your food still hasn’t arrived. Been there, done that.

Using UberEats in Mexico City has some real advantages over other delivery options because it basically takes that stress out of the process. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that the whole transaction gets carried out on a special app for UberEats in Mexico City that can be set up in moments as it syncs your information from the main Uber app. Once you tell the app where you want food to be delivered (your hotel, airbnb, etc), it gives you a list of open restaurants which you can scroll through or sort by type of cuisine. For each restaurant a full menu is available, but there is also a handy list of the most popular items that you can choose from if you are stuck. When you make your selection, you are given an opportunity to include special instructions for each individual item. This is a much-appreciated option!

Another advantage of using UberEats in Mexico City is the ability to track your order – after you place it, you receive confirmation that the order has been accepted by the restaurant, and an estimate of when it will arrive. And just like with the Uber app, you can watch the delivery in real-time, and communicate with the driver if there are any issues. Payment goes through the credit card you have registered with the account, so there is no need to scramble for cash when the doorbell rings.

The restaurant partners for UberEats in Mexico include some of the most popular places to eat in the city (some of which appear in my posts on Condesa and Polanco), and I am sure that more restaurants will be added all the time.

Now here is the best part – I’ve partnered with UberEats and you will get 100 Pesos off your first meal by using this UberEats promo code: eats-jeremya15. Just follow these steps to get your first UberEats meal free:

  1. Go to the app store and download the UberEats app.

  2. Open it up or via the normal Uber app (make sure you have the most updated version), click the knife/plate/fork icon at the top-center of the screen. It will open up the UberEats app.


  3. Hit the icon in the top-left of the screenubereats-coupon-mexico-city-first-meal-free

  4. Select “Promotions” 


  5. Enter the promo code: “eats-jeremya15” to get 100 pesos knocked off your first meal! Nom nom nom