Getting to the Netherlands in comfort has never been easier
Photo by CC user Masakatsu Ukon on Flickr

Out of all the destinations in Europe, few combine historical sites and modern attractions quite like the Netherlands.

When it comes to getting there however, it is recommended that you fly KLM, as they have perfected the art of customer service over their 98-year existence.

Below, we will go into detail on what you can expect when you book a flight with this prestigious airline.

Arrive relaxed

Whether you fly business or economy, those that fly to the Netherlands aboard KLM will arrive at their destination surprisingly refreshed.

Those investing in a business class seat will love the fact that it reclines to a lie-flat bed. With a length that exceeds 200 centimeters, passengers will be able to stretch out completely and have a restful sleep when it suits them best.

The luxury doesn’t end there however, as business class passengers have the pleasure of enjoying a three-course meal, an extra large entertainment system (17-inch wide screen), and they will also get to take home a bottle of Dutch gin in the form of a Delft Blue miniature house.

Economy comfort passengers also get a lot of value for the price of their airfare, as they will have access to a seat that is ergonomically designed, has twice the usual amount of recline, and extra legroom that can amount to as much as 89 centimeters.

Economy class passengers also have access to an entertainment system with a variety of television shows, films, and music, and an a la carte ordering system allows them to pick their meal before they board their flight.

Flights available from major centers around the globe

Flying KLM is one of the better ways to access the Netherlands, as there are many direct flights from major centers around the world.

At present, there are over hundreds of destinations that this airline serves, making it easy to access Amsterdam via a direct flight whether you live in New York or Dubai.

Experience the future of flight with the 787 Dreamliner

When you are in the process crossing the Atlantic or Eurasia while en route to the Netherlands, you may have the chance to do it on one of the most innovative jetliners in aviation.

The 787 Dreamliner is presently flying a variety of international routes for KLM, ranging from Toronto to Cape Town.

If you have a chance to board one of these technologically sophisticated aircraft, you will be able to darken your own window via remote control, use overhead bins that are larger, enjoy soothing LED lighting throughout the course of your flight.

Superior customer service

KLM has made a point of delivering a level of customer service that has been the envy of the airline industry over the years.

Their commitment to this principle has continued in the present day with a vigilant presence on social media.

If there was anything about your flight that was not adequately addressed by your flight crew or by staff on the ground, make your issue known on KLM’s Facebook or Twitter pages, and their customer service department will do everything they can to help make things right.

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