As I have been hinting at, Asia is my future for the following year, and for most budget minded Asia bound travelers, Thailand winks a squinty eye.  Why you ask? Tales of full moon parties lasting for days, dirt-cheap accommodations,  beaches so pristine you actually consider smuggling drugs to earn money to stay longer, and an open-minded and friendly people make Thailand one place on most backpacker’s Bucket List.

In fact, a lot of travel bloggers spend a few months living in Thailand every year, especially in Chiang Mai.  It’s comical for me to see the luxury rentals they end up landing for pennies.  When you earn a location-independent income (like travel bloggers do), why the hell not live where your money is worth 10 times more?  I should take a lesson.

Anyways, besides the big cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, many people opt for more scenic Thailand destinations, and Phuket is one of those places.

As you can see, the sheer natural beauty is enough to make anyone want to go.  But with alluring options like amazing beaches, outdoor sports like kayaking and hiking, amazing seafood and a remarkably popping night life, Phuket has it all.  You can find affordable flights to Phuket from all over as it’s a pretty popular destination in Thailand, so scope some deals and make your way, maybe we’ll see each other next year!