Who doesn’t like a good hole? When I was a kid, and my family used to vacation at the beach in New Jersey, my brother and I used to dig some epic pits, so big that I was the one frequently stuck in them and had to ask for someone to help pull me out by my shovel!

Nowadays, when I travel, I like to go see both natural and man-made wonders, and one of those now on my bucket list is the Mir Mine in Russia. This beast is the 2nd deepest diamond mine in the world. It dives down to an impressive 1720 feet deep and spans almost 4,000 feet in diameter. It was fully functional for 44 years until it was closed for mining in 2001. When it was still open, it took trucks two hours to reach the bottom! Helicopters are now no longer permitted to fly over it as it’s so deep, that it was sucking them in with it’s downward air flow. I guess being responsible and making sure to cover your butt with something like Debenhams Travel Insurance would probably the best idea visiting near-bottomless craters like the Mir Mine!

Diamond Mine in Russia