Mexico is one of the most highly acclaimed holiday destinations. It has the best selection of hotels, white glittering Carribean beaches, the wave crashed pacific shores, thriving cities, world-class cuisine, and pre-Columbian ruins.

Mexico happens to have more Mayan ruins where the crowning glory goes to El Castillo, a towering temple with an idyllic coastal location. The place was unknown until the 18th century and is believed to be the capital of at least 25000 people.

Moreover, the spectacle of the walking dead parade is another awesome attraction. It was part of a scene by the year 2005 James Bond movie ‘Spectre.’ While death is a taboo in many places in the world, this parade shows death as a plaything. It shows it as entertaining and mocks death.

The hidden beach is another awesome attraction. You have to go through an underwater tunnel to reach it. Moreover, the Ik Kil cenote sinkhole is another breathtaking sight. It’s open for swimmers and is not far from Chichen Itza.

There is more to Mexico, the “city of flowers” is another exquisite place. The town is named as Xalapa and is the state capital of Veracruz. It lush green vegetation gives it a scenic backdrop. The city also hosts the anthropological museum, which was founded in 1957. It displays Huastec artifacts, Totonac,  and Olmec, including giant Olmec head statues.

Mexico would not be popular without its party town of Cancun. It has everything magnificent, margarita fueled the fun, to the sun, and the sandy beaches. The total indulgence includes in-room hot tubs, personal butlers, and ice cream at breakfast. Royal holiday vacation packages offer the youth and families to enjoy their spring break. 

 Another lovely place is Cabo San Lucas, which is a town in Baja Califonia. It’s situated at the southern tip of this narrow peninsula. It has top hotels, including the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. It home to private beaches and beautiful ocean-facing villas. 

Mexico can be reliably called the natural aquarium of the world. Places in Baja Califonia in the pacific and Gulf of California, royal holiday Cancun on the Atlantic provides an excellent spot for great Snorkeling and scuba diving. It provides breathtaking views of marine species. More than 900 fish species, 32 marine mammals gather to feed and breed in those locations.

 There is no better place to start exploring than in Mexico City. The city is filled with history and culture, and it boasts of world-class hotels, unique cuisine, and ancient Aztec sites. Surprisingly, all are at low affordable costs. However, if you feel like spending much more, then there excellent high-end shops. Places to visit include Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Palace of Fine Arts.

Mexico is home to more museums than any other city in the world. Frida Kahlo House is the most popular, anthropology museum and museum dedicated to mescal and tequila.

 Cozumel Island Quintana Roo Mexico state is another popular destination just a little more than 100 kilometers from Cancun city. It one of the best places to scuba dive in the western hemisphere.  It has clear waters and plenty of marine life, like massive eagle rays to tiny seahorses.

 Surprisingly, no need to be scuba certified; it the best place to hone your skills as there are numerous dive shops. Well, its an island, but you don’t have to worry about traveling to Cozumel. Fortunately, ferry service is the most reliable means of transport as they leave every hour and take about 35 minutes. Take the cancun shuttle from the airport and the ferry from Cancun and you can be there in just over an hour after your arrival, so it is really not that difficult to get to.

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