Every essay has its own purpose but some of its parts are the same for any type. Thus, every essay consists of the introduction, main body, and conclusion. The initial section serves as a summary of the paper. Accordingly, your introduction is of great importance. If you write a boring and meaningless intro, your readers may not like to read other sections. Accordingly, this stage is very responsible. It’s important to create a powerful hook.

Some students capitulate when they try to complete this section. They prefer to use the help of professional essay writers hiring the best essay writing service. As a result, the Internet is full of requests similar to – I want to pay someone to write an essay introduction. However, such an option should be your plan B. First of all, you ought to try to cope with the task on your own. We’ll show how to do that in our informative guide.

Things to Consider

To solve any problem, you should begin with its definition. If you understand its purpose, you make the first step to success. The introduction provides general facts about what a researcher is going to tell in his/her project. To grab the attention of readers, one should craft a strong hook for your essay about travelling. It’s commonly a single (sometimes two) sentence, which steps out of the crowd. The sentence isn’t implemented as something quite common. You aren’t expected to write about good weather. It’s something like a real storm, which may shock a reader and ignite a desire to learn more.

Your hook is dependent on various factors. The first one is a literary work you’re working on. There are multiple essay types. You may be assigned an argumentative, reflective, narrative, critical, descriptive or any other type. Each must be tackled differently and so, your writing strategy ought to adapt to it. For example, a definition essay makes writer provide a description of some ideas or events. An argumentative paper requires the art of persuasion.

The next factor to consider is your audience. What people will read your project? What are their preferences? Can you deliver them something relevant? How does your research help them? After you answer such questions, you’ll be able to choose the appropriate language and approach.

You should likewise understand the purpose of your travelling essay. Ask yourself what is your topic about. Is it helpful? Does it solve any problems? How it benefits other people? Is it really important? Thanks to these questions, you’ll identify a writing frame, tone, and style required to create a good hook.

It’s also vital to remember that you must never use two hooks. You have one topic and it needs only one hook. If you implement two, you risk making your readers confused and even cause plagiarism.

Strategies to Write a Hook

It’s necessary to find out the kinds of hooks. There are various strategies to compose great hooks. If you know them, you possess an amazing arsenal of methods that can be used in different situations. Here are the following methods:

  • Literary quotes. If applicable, you’re free to take quotes out of famous novels and other literary works. Most people will instantly recognize them and it can kindle their interest.
  • Quoting a famous person. Begin with a quotation of some outstanding personality known to most people. Choose a politician, writer, scientist, actor, etc.
  • Misconception. Take your readers by surprise using a misconception. Mention some well-known fact and tell that it’s false. This method is also called a shocking statement.
  • Anecdote. To make your readers feel good at ease, tell a humorous anecdote. It’s commonly based on personal experience and is related to the theme of the project. The method is commonly used for speeches and presentations.
  • Personal story. Share with a personal story, which plainly illustrates the topic of your essay.
  • Statistical data. Simply implement some statistics. For example, you will surely shock your readers if you disclose causes that make teenagers break the law and reveal the number of crimes made by them every year.
  • Rhetorical question. Ask a question, which has an obvious answer. Thus, readers instantly understand the purpose of your project.
  • Share a fact or a definition. A writer is welcome to share some dependable facts related to the topic. Another method is to give a plain definition of the phenomenon.
  • “Create” a scene. Draw a prospect concerning the main question of your research using your imagination. Begin with “Imagine that…”
  • Begin with a thesis statement. You can likewise start right with a thesis statement. It’s a pretty rare occasion. Nevertheless, it’s quite effective and activates the attention of a reader straight away.

Every strategy has its own peculiarities and advantages. Define the demands of your essay to select a proper approach. Practice each kind to have a plain understanding of how to compose them quickly and effectively.

Keep these points in your memory. They are vital to create a proper hook and interest your readers in your project. Think about what strategy is suitable for your essay and readers to choose the most effective one and meet success.