The holiday season is fast approaching, and of course that means that it is the time of year where gift giving becomes the norm. Most of us are not fully prepared for the chaos that includes lots of visits from family and friends, attending holiday parties all around town and of course gift giving.

In terms of giving holiday gifts, the biggest challenge is what to buy everyone and how much money to spend. There is always the option of buying something big which may actually be out of your budget or getting something smaller and having to endure disappointed looks

The key is to get through the season without putting yourself into debt and still making everyone happy this holiday season. Here are a few ideas that can help you walk the line and perhaps please everyone including yourself.

Buy Gifts that are Inexpensive Yet Cool

We all know how much everyone loves their mobile phones. Well how about a really cool gift that is great to look at, and great protection for any mobile phone. Custom phone skins are a quick and easy way for your friends and family to personalize their mobile phones. You can upload a design or picture of them and then you can customize it with the online editor.

There are templates for iPhone 6 (standard, plus, s, s plus), iPhone 7 (standard, plus), as well as Samsung Galaxy S8 (standard, plus). Skins are printed on high quality vinyl and can easily be removed without residue if needed. If you do not know their type of phone, simply give them the gift and let them do it. This is a great gift and they will remember you every time they stare at their phones. You can find how to make a photo smaller online too.

Use Custom Labels and Stickers

To give your gifts a special holiday touch, use photo stickers on each of your gifts. You can take

A photo with the person you are buying the gift for and then have a sticker made of that photo. Do one for each of the people you are buying gifts for this holiday season. You can make your memories stick by sticking the stickers on each gift you buy. The stickers will stick strong but remove clean, leaving no residue behind. You can create custom photo stickers from on pages and fit as many photos as you want, or order just one to try!

Gift Giving is Not the Most Important Thing About the Holidays

You should use the holiday season to remind everyone about why the holidays are so important. Nearly every holiday that occurs during this time of year is based around being thankful for what you have received and for those who you have around you. The holidays give us a chance to show our appreciation and sometimes this includes gift giving. However gift giving is not mandatory nor is it of prime importance to the celebrations. Keep this in mind as you select gifts and look to receive them. It is not important how much a gift costs that you give or receive or even if you give or get gifts. What is important is that you have made it through another year and have people around you who love and care about you.

Happy holidays to you and your family, and may you all be taken over by the wonderful spirit that is in the air this time of year.