If we were to wind back the clock twenty or thirty years, there’s no doubt that budget beach breaks were starting to become the norm. The world had just witnessed the rise of budget airlines and as a result, the likes of the Costa del Sol and other nearby locations experienced a real boom.

However, like anything, the travel industry moves in trends. Beach holidays certainly aren’t dead, and most probably never will be, but other types of breaks are starting to steal their thunder. Weekend breaks fall into said category and as you may have already gathered by now, today’s article is going to show you exactly how you can make the most of a break of this kind.

Don’t just focus on the “big hitters”

When we talk about big hitters in this regard, we’re referring to the big cities. London is the obvious example but even if you are staying in the UK, Birmingham and Edinburgh are others that often grab the tourist headlines.

Our advice is to broaden your net, somewhat. Sure, the above locations are by no means off limits, but one only has to look at all of the things to do in somewhere like Cardiff to really see how far you can go here.

What’s the benefit of targeting one of these smaller cities? It means you can escape the hustle and bustle somewhat, save money, and ultimately, have a more relaxing weekend getaway.

Don’t be too tight with your annual leave

One of the big advantages of these weekend breaks is that you don’t have to dip excessively into your limited annual leave; simply take one or two days of annual leave to extend your weekend and make a relaxing few days of it.

However, with only a few days in the city it’s best to plan ahead and know what you want to do. This way you’ll be sure to make the most of your limited time and see everything you wish to see.

Don’t sign up for every attraction under the sun

We’ve already referred to Trip Advisor, but now it’s time to do the same again.

Sure, it may have come to your rescue on countless occasions, but for the purposes of a relaxing weekend getaway you need to tread carefully. You don’t want to be rushing around finding need to give your personal injury lawyer a call while out on vacation, now do you?

It can become too easy to put together an itinerary for your weekend that is more suited to a week’s worth of travel.

Instead, keep things simple, and just book things that you know your time will allow. If you don’t, you’ll find that the weekend is far more stress than it’s really worth.

Don’t go overboard with your baggage

Finally, let’s conclude with a point about baggage. The airlines are making this difficult for us anyway, but try and resist the urge to bring those great big suitcases. Again, you’re only away for a couple of nights, so don’t fall into the trap of lugging around those great big cases which are just going to exhaust you for the duration of the trip.