With the way things are today with the COVID-19 virus and social distancing, if not total self-quarantine on the table, we all need a distraction. A great distraction is planning a trip. The mere act of planning a trip can spark wanderlust and using your time in self-isolation means you can give yourself the time and headspace to plan the ultimate journey.

Your vacation should be fun, yes, but it should also help you reset after the stress of this year. Plan your trip around health and wellness, and you’ll be ready to book the second that the curve flattens out, and the virus is successfully managed. Relax, rejuvenate, and reset with this guide:

Know Your Budget

You can do a lot with a small budget, but getting your heart set on something you cannot afford will still happen. You can avoid this hope by knowing your budget from the start and setting it aside in your savings.

Focus on What Makes You Feel Relaxed

With your budget in mind, you can better plan what activities you will want to partake in. Though many of us would love to see what a five-star spa resort is like, you might need to settle on your second love, hiking. Opt for activities that are budget-friendly and proven to help improve wellness.

Research Destinations Ahead of Time

By focusing on what you specifically find relaxing, calming, and generally great for your mental wellbeing, you can cut through the filler and get right to the heart of things. There are so many great wellness retreats and wellness activities out there, so find out what options there are in your price range.

Your Options for Accommodation

There are so many great accommodation options. You could bring your home away from home with you and rent an RV, or you can look for hotels or retreats to spend the night in. What you do depends on your budget and your goal. It is much easier to factor in the RV rental cost for the entire trip, for example, than it is to cover the cost of multiple hotel rooms stays.

Improve the Health and Wellness of Your Trip

Finally, you will want to focus on how you can further improve the health and wellbeing of your trip. Planning the logistics and your destinations is great, but you can promote your health and wellbeing on the go by:

  1. Prepping Healthy Meals in Advance

Make it easy to eat healthy on the go by prepping food in advance. From healthy sauces, you can freeze and bring with you to a week’s worth of lunches, so you don’t have to opt for fast food when on the road.

  1. Paring Down What You Bring

Bring a travel wardrobe and generally try to par down what you bring so that you feel at ease and not crowded out.

  1. Focusing on Slow-Living Activities

Slow living activities can include reading, meditating, yoga, crafts, and so many more. Things that help you focus and relax are all welcome, just remember to make time for them on your trip.