The living room design trends of 2020 can be summed up in two words: simple and comfortable.

These great design trends are sure to delight homeowners who would like to create a space that encourages togetherness among family and friends.

For a comfortable and inviting space, many consumers choose to incorporate modern furniture into these trends.

Here are five living room design trends that will transform spaces in 2020.

Conversational Spaces

In today’s society, busy lifestyles have made us more disconnected than ever, but experts believe that the trend of conversational spaces should bring forth a sense of togetherness.

When the furniture is arranged correctly, the living room will be a place to encourage optimal conversation among family members and guests in Florida.

Here are some design ideas to consider: Four arm chairs arranged in a circle with a coffee table in the middle, two facing identical sofas, and the classic furniture arrangement featuring a sofa and two chairs on either side of the fireplace.

To implement these excellent design trends, consider shopping at a modern furniture store in Jacksonville, FL. Regardless of the specific modern furniture that you choose, the design ideas are sure to encourage people to engage in interesting conversation in the living room.

Warm Earth Tones

As several homeowners look for balance in their everyday lives, they are embracing the trend of natural colors and earth tones. Not only will these colors bring a sense of calm, they will also make rooms feel more inviting since the colors are not super busy.

Some of the most popular neutral colors that are making their appearance in the living room are shades of olive green, gray, beige, chocolate brown, and wine.

These warm and soothing colors are a great choice for walls, furniture, décor, and much more. The neutral shades can also be used in décor to contrast against white or light-colored walls and ceilings.

Natural Luxury

The steady rise in earth tones brings forth an emergence of beautiful, natural luxury.

There are many ways to incorporate natural luxury into the living room, some of which include marble lamps and décor.

Many homeowners will also choose to connect with nature in their living rooms through rustic wood and houseplants.

Geometric Patterns

Often seen on everyday items such as cups, pencils, notebooks, and art, geometric patterns are making their way into the living room and other spaces.

If you want to create a never-seen-before look, go with bold and vibrant geometric patterns. Just think of a thinly-lined geometric wallpaper or a geometric patterned chair.

The great thing about this unique trend is that there aren’t any rules. With this in mind, homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns. Most patterns can be tied together with a wide variety of colors.

Thanks to this design trend, homeowners can create a lively space that also maintains a sense of warmth. Due to the popularity of geometry designs, this trend isn’t expected to go away any time soon.

Unique lighting

In order to produce a never-seen-before space that boasts creativity and charm, homeowners are turning to unique lighting. A popular design trend of 2020, unique lighting is transforming living rooms into spaces that command attention.

A few unique lighting ideas for the living include colored glass table lamps, wood bead fixtures, architect floor lamps, and vintage Edison-style bulbs. Many experts are also seeing a lighting that features recycled glass and natural cut crystal.

Many homeowners in Florida choose to control these creative living room lighting with smart technology, allowing the lights to be automatically turned on and off at certain times.