To escape status-quo when it comes to skiing, you’re going to have to go a lot farther than where a chairlift can take you. Beyond the man-made slopes of your average resort, you can find perfect powder and awe-inspiring panoramic views. All you have to do is take a helicopter to the most beautiful peaks of British Columbia.


If you’re tired of the chopped, artificial snow of resorts, you’re not alone. Many thrill-seekers who are sick of sharing the slope with novice skiers are turning to heli-skiing as the only way to true way to chase adrenaline. Taken by helicopter to the untouched peaks of the Rocky Mountains, heli-skiers get a chance to experience skiing like it was meant to be – far away from crowds, where the perfect powder is plentiful and the slopes are incomparable. Thanks to the heavy snowfalls in the higher peaks of the mountain range, these conditions are available year-round.

The most popular place in the world to heli-ski is above Golden, British Columbia. It’s here that skiers will see awe-inspiring views of the Canadian wilderness. As you catch your breath in between runs you’ll stop to see the jaw-dropping vistas of the most beautiful part of the world and wonder how you got so lucky. Since only so many people can take the flight up to these peaks, you’ll share this landscape with your closest friends. You’ll never have to vie for space, even when you stop to breathe in the crisp air and admire the view.

Heli-skiing is quickly becoming the only way extreme sport enthusiasts will ski. If you take a look on the web, you’ll see that the online community is raving about their experiences. On the Great Canadian Heli Skiing blog, you can read what some of the best heli-sking and heli-boarding experts are saying about their time on the mountains. Not only do they rave about the unique experience in the Rockies, they also talk about how much they loved the services that Great Canadian Heli-Skiing offered them; while there are many heli-skiing services out there, none match up to the reviews that they have. Due to the dedicated and skilled team of pilots and guides, the heli skiing experience is taken from great to spectacular.

When you’re ready to breathe new life into your skiing career, consider taking your next holiday to the next level. Skip the boring old resort and jump into a helicopter. Heli-skiing takes you to the extreme, where you’ll encounter the world’s best terrains and most exciting runs.