As the sun sets on Waikiki, it's time to go on a pub crawl in Honolulu ... photo by CC user Kelvin Kay on wikimedia

We all love to party, I mean who doesnt? Once the euphoric effect of alcohol sets in, the world suddenly swirls yet it makes all inhibitions disappear and the sudden surge of bravado makes everyone think that theres nothing but good in the universe. Ancient civilizations even drugged their priests to give them sense of what life really is. In other words, theres always something good in intoxication. Mind over-drinking though as you might miss plenty of the good stuff. Join me as I bring you to the wonderful nightlife Honolulu has to offer. Oh, just dont forget to bring your ESTA Visa; if you still dont have one, you can simply go online and apply, easy peasy.

Dont be fooled by the natural appeal of the breathtaking island of Oahu upon which Honolulu is located, sure everything seems at peace here, in fact the endless lapping of the waves produces so much alpha waves that immediately brings relief to any tired soul, but it has one of the incredible nightlife in the world. Looking for the perfect wild night? No worries, there are plenty of nightclubs that you can visit, and as a bonus, theyre cheap but amazingly hot.

If you ask the pros, those that live their lives exclusively on party mode, theyll immediately bark Addiction Nightclub and M Nightclub. Sure theyre great but you also have other options. The differences range from the classy feel to a more traditional feel, aka the genuine Hawaiian experience. Youre the boss, so Im going to give you all the names, and you decide for yourself. Remember that, you might want to see them all if you really want to make the most out of your Honolulu travel experience.

Lets start with the famous M Nightclub. First things first, you cant get go through the doors with your out-of-this world attire; mind the clubs dress code. Once inside, get ready to be electrified by an amazing DJ infused party. The club also shows live performance from popular musicians including rappers. If you fancy the clubs VIP bottle service, be my guest and dance till you drop. The club is simply elegant and classy.

Now, off to the Bar 35 where beer lovers usually hangout. Its location in the Chinatown makes you think its a friendly spot, certainly it is because it offers great beers from different countries, about 20 I think. Theres not only your favorite Budweiser beer, there are also the Belgian Bush Beer and the Asian San Miguel Beer. The club also offers their own concoction, the Cherry Bloom Princess or Red Lantern which I believe packs more kick than your typical beer bottle. The prices are great and the atmosphere is simply electrifying, incredible DJs rock the house.

Finally, theres the Addiction Nightclub which is the hottest club of the island. With its strict dress code, everyone stays on the same page which is really good. You can dance like theres no tomorrow and it offers bottle service too. The club feel is modern, so expect real hippy crowds. It sports live entertainment and the DJs are really good at keeping you up the whole night.

There are other clubs I didnt mention such as Zanzabar, Surfer, BarNashville Waikiki, Fusion Waikiki, Rumours, and Hulas Bar and Lei Stand. Theyre all great so choose wisely if you have limited pub crawling time.