I just finished my first week of “school” and everything went well. I ended up having my own private teacher for 2 hours a day from 11-1 so it was pretty ideal. After leaving my atm card in a machine on monday, I was left with only my capital one card for support. Being that I’m mentally challenged and never wrote down the pin for it, I had to go to a bank to take out money….The only one in the whole city that would let me….and it took me 3 hours to find. But now 5200 pesos richer, I am relieved that I can go back to spending money on frivolous things like 30 dollar teeth cleanings and beers for everyone sitting at the bar, just cause I can….and need friends. The pace of life here is so relaxed and it’s force feeding me a chill pill, and I’m not squirming. No more Robo-Jeremy, only Don Juan Jeremias kicking back in the plaza reading the Mexican newspaper and drinking cafe Americanos. Last night I went to see a parade in the city center with my roomate. We got there an hour early to post up for a good view. After 45 minutes I began getting pessimistic in thinking how good it could actually be and was it worth standing instead of eating tacos. Thanks to my new found patience I endured and was very impressed with the production. Stilts, kids dancing in syncopation, and the shakira impersonator on the last float made it all worth the wait. After the fiesta my roomate’s local friends picked us up and we went to a nice house in the suburbs to slug beers, jager, and eventually whiskey. The more I drank the more I understood and after a few drinks I was busting peoples balls, having it reciprocated, and just having a great time. The people here once again are just awesome and they really go out of their way to make you feel part of the group and make sure your enjoying yourself. At 3 o’clock things started winding down and we made are way back to the center where I crawled up the stairs, dropped trou, and back flipped into bed ready to recharge for another fantastic day. As my father told us at Thanksgiving, You can die tomorrow and life really is way to F***ing short to get caught up in trivial things, so take a chance and carpe diem people!