So I left Mexico city yesterday and arrived in Queretaro via bus. The ride was only 2.5 hours and cost me about 15 bucks. It was a very nice trip and they even gave me a soda, sandwich, and some crackers. I flew from Miami to San Diego a month ago and those bastards only gave me a drink….Anyways, from the second I stepped off the bus people have been shockingly friendly and nice to me. I already have received 3 random people’s contact information in case I have any questions or problems…they are THAT nice. This city is absolutely gorgeous as well, very clean, and great sunny weather all the time. Strolling through the historic center in Queretaro from which I live 5 a min walk brings me back to some of the smaller cities I visited in Spain. There was a huge Christmas festival in which I’m sure I was the only Jew peppered in, but, it’s all about the holiday spirit anyways. The women here are gorgeous and I find myself catching some good looks, it’s nice to get stared at every once in a while. I had my first day of school today and my group class included myself and a rather hefty older Canadian man by the name of Charles. When we started talking about our daily activities in the present tense i kind of figured i was in the wrong level. Tomorrow I start at 11 am instead of 9 and I will have a private tutor for 2 hours instead of 3 which all works for me! I’m staying in a beautiful casita with Charles and a really nice girl from Quebec, Marie. I have a really comfortable big room and theres Wi-Fi so it’s great. Well, sorry if this post wasn’t as comical as my usual rants but I’m kind of in such a tranquil mood I don’t even feel like putting on the dunce cap for this one…Hablamos