Fall is the new favourite for intrepid travelers: Lower prices, thinner crowds, and more options are all great reasons to plan the next trip in the shoulder season. But fall travel can bring some weather surprises, which is why it is crucial to prepare and pack the right clothing for an array of weather conditions. Packing for fall weather can seem overwhelming at first, but with a few tips, it is easy to pack a bag that will you warm and dry wherever you go.

An important aspect of fall travel is investing in a few good quality items to replace a lot of mediocre ones. Less is always more when traveling. Avoid baggage fees, lugging giant suitcases across town, and the possibility of a lost bag by downsizing to a few items that can do a lot (without wearing out).

What To Pack 

You have heard it before: layers, layers, layers. Layers are the best way to be comfortable no matter what the weather brings, and high quality merino wool clothing makes the perfect base layer to start with. Short-sleeved wool shirts are a favourite; they keep you cool in the warm afternoons and warm when the sun goes down. And Merino wool does not absorb smells, which is a huge plus when traveling, so say goodbye to ‘laundry day’ while you’re on the road.

Opt for thin but effective layers: Avoid the hassle and bulk of winter jackets with a lightweight wool hoodie or sweater, an insulating but lightweight wool scarf and a packable rain jacket. These items will keep you warm and dry throughout the worst of fall weather.

This next one not many people think about but should: good quality socks. Whether it is raining, snowing or a pleasant fall day, good socks make all the difference in the world. Merino wool wicks moisture while staying dry, making them both breathable and insulating, an excellent choice for any trip. When traveling, you are only as comfortable as your feet, and merino wool’s ultra-comfy softness will get you through most any stressful, on-the-road experience.

Take Away 

Less is more, so pack smart, not bulky. Merino wool can help you with that. Downsize to a few key pieces of clothing that will hold up under pressure.

Wool is the perfect base layer being both breathable and insulating, so start with that, which will also save valuable luggage space and free you from having too many bulky bags on your trip. Waterproof shoes and a packable rain jacket are also essential pieces, as well as the luggage you choose to carry. Spending a little more on quality items will save you time and energy.

Packing smart can make or break a fall getaway. You put the time and effort into planning the trip, so make the most of that trip by planning what is going to keep you warm and dry and happy on your adventure. Get yourself some merino wool, then get packing and get out there!