Read any travel bucket list guide and we guarantee you that New Zealand will feature highly on many of them. After all, this charming nation is home to some of the the planet’s most enchanting landscapes, which is just one of the reasons why it’s grown to become a dream wedding destination, particularly for eco-conscious couples.

Getting married in New Zealand offers the chance to celebrate your union in a way that mirrors the natural splendour of your surroundings and in this post we will unveil all you need to know about hosting an eco-friendly wedding in the Kiwi nation. From sustainable venues tips to ethical catering, eco-friendly décor to conscious shopping for wedding attire and jewellery, read on below!

Finding a Sustainable Venue

One of the first decisions couples make when planning a wedding is choosing the perfect venue. Fortunately, New Zealand offers a plethora of sustainable venue options that blend seamlessly with its natural beauty. From organic vineyards to eco-friendly lodges nestled in the heart of nature, couples can find plenty of venues that prioritise environmental conservation and eco-friendly practices.

If you’re planning to tie the know near the capital Auckland, then venues like Kauri Bay Boomrock are a brilliant choice. Nestled on the pristine shores of Clevedon, Kauri Bay Boomrock offers a luxurious and sustainable wedding experience. The venue emphasises eco-friendly practices, from energy-efficient facilities to a focus on locally sourced produce for catering.

Alternatively, if you’re planning to host your dream day near Wellington then The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs is another great option. Positioned amidst the captivating landscapes of Matauri Bay, the staff at this charming venue ensure that every aspect of your wedding aligns with the stunning natural surroundings.

Finally, if you and your wedding party are based near Christchurch then consider options such as Otahuna Lodge, located in the heart of the luxury vacation destination Canterbury. Otahuna Lodge seamlessly combines historic elegance with a commitment to sustainability. The lodge’s kitchen utilises organic produce from its own gardens, providing a farm-to-table experience for couples with an eco-conscious vision.

To make sure your chosen venue aligns with your eco-conscious values, we also recommend looking out for the following:

  1. Green Certification: Look for venues that hold environmental certifications, such as the Green Building certification, ensuring that the infrastructure aligns with sustainable building practices.
  2. Local and Seasonal: Opt for venues that embrace locally sourced and seasonal elements. This not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation but also supports local communities.
  3. Waste Management: Enquire about the venue’s waste management practices. Venues that prioritise recycling, composting, and minimisation of single-use plastics contribute significantly to a sustainable event.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Choose venues that harness renewable energy sources or have implemented energy-efficient technologies, showcasing a commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Attire

After securing the perfect venue it’s no doubt time to turn your attentions to the all-important attire, after all you want to look your best on your big day! From bridal gowns to groomsmen suits, embracing eco-conscious fashion not only reflects personal values but also contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Firstly, explore local designers who prioritise sustainable and ethical practices in their creations. New Zealand boasts a growing community of eco-conscious designers who craft stunning wedding attire. For example, Grace Loves Lace has stores dotted around the country and they are known for their commitment to sustainable and ethical wedding dress designs. Using eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton and silk, the studio offers brides a range of beautifully crafted gowns with a minimal environmental footprint.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy brand new set off on a treasure hunt in vintage and second-hand stores for unique and sustainable wedding attire. Big cities like Auckland and Wellington have plenty of great stores that sell pre-loved garments including White Again Eco Gowns in Auckland that specialise in wedding dresses.

Finally, if you’re particularly creative and handy with a sewing machine you could consider DIY wedding dress projects or upcycling existing garments to create one-of-a-kind wedding attire. This not only adds a personal touch but also reduces the environmental impact of fashion production.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings & Jewellery

Next on your eco-friendly wedding ‘To Do’ list is finding that perfect jewellery that will help you shine bright on your big day. From wedding rings to sparkling earrings that will elevate your bridal ensemble, you’ll be pleased to know that the Kiwi nation is home to plenty of eco-friendly jewellers that can help you find the perfect piece.

When searching for an eco-friendly jeweller look for brands who prioritise ethical sourcing of materials. Whether it’s precious metals or gemstones, choosing pieces made from ethically mined or recycled materials helps reduce the environmental and social impact of the jewellery industry.

If sustainability is close to your heart, then lab-grown diamonds are a great eco-friendly option. There are plenty of jewellers in Auckland that craft stunning pieces with lab grown diamonds and this eliminates the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional diamond mining.

Finding an Eco-Friendly Caterer

Catering is a vital part of any wedding but if your celebration is designed to champion eco ideals then you’ll want to find a catering company that aligns with your values. When searching for an ethical caterer, it’s vital to ask about their sourcing practices. Opting for a catering service that champions local, organic, and seasonal ingredients not only enhances the flavour profile of the dishes but also supports regional farmers, contributing to the vitality of the local community.

Additionally, couples may want to explore caterers who have embraced the concept of zero-waste events. By prioritising compostable or reusable tableware and minimising single-use plastics, these caterers demonstrate a commitment to reducing the ecological footprint associated with your big day.

When searching for an eco-friendly caterer check out local directories like Localist or ask your chosen venue for recommendations if they don’t provide the catering in-house. Also, double check that your catering company offers a menu that will appease those with varying dietary needs or requirements.

Eco-Friendly Décor

For those excited couples seeking to infuse their celebration with eco-friendly charm, the choice of decor involves thoughtful consideration and a little bit of a creative mind!

Eco-conscious decor starts with the selection of materials that leave a minimal impact on the environment. Consider opting for biodegradable elements such as recycled paper flowers, organic fabrics, and natural foliage. These not only add a touch of rustic elegance but also ensure that the decor doesn’t contribute to long-term environmental waste.

For couples who may find the DIY route a bit overwhelming or time-consuming, New Zealand is home to a wide range of trusted eco-friendly styling companies that can help you out. When choosing an eco-friendly stylist, it’s essential to look for those that prioritise sustainable practices in their design concepts. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their commitment to using recycled and repurposed materials, as well as their stance on reducing waste through reusable and multi-purpose decor elements.

Engaging an eco-friendly styling company also allows couples to benefit from the expertise of professionals who specialise in sustainable event design. These professionals can offer creative solutions that align with your vision while ensuring that the environmental impact is minimized. From repurposing items like pallets and wine barrels to incorporating locally sourced materials, an eco-friendly styling company can bring a unique, personalised, and sustainable touch to the wedding decor.

Eco-Friendly Transport

The highly-anticipated journey to the altar holds the potential for a significant environmental impact, so it’s worth exploring eco-friendly transport options that align with your commitment to sustainability.

One of the most popular choices for eco-conscious couples is to opt for electric or hybrid vehicles. These vehicles boast reduced carbon emissions and lower fuel consumption, making them a greener choice for transporting the wedding party and guests. Many rental car companies in New Zealand now offer electric or hybrid vehicle options, providing couples with a stylish and eco-friendly mode of transport for their special day.

For those seeking a touch of vintage charm, electric or converted classic cars can also be a great option. New Zealand does have companies that specialise in electric conversions of classic cars so do some research and you’ll have the opportunity to make a grand entrance without compromising on environmental values.

Finally, encouraging guests to carpool or arranging group transportation is another eco-friendly approach. This not only reduces the overall carbon footprint but also fosters a sense of fun and togetherness among your wedding guests. Some couples even explore the option of arranging shuttle services to and from the venue, ensuring that transportation is efficient, organised, and environmentally responsible.