When faced with the decision of using a camcorder vs. smartphone to capture video images of your much anticipated vacation it might just come down to convenience.  Who wants a big (well, big compared to a fabulously, slim and portable smartphone) camcorder taking up precious room in your carry-on bag?  So the logic might be: forget the bulky camcorder and just bring the phone you would have brought anyway! However, nowadays there are some camcorders on the market that easily compete with smartphones for their slim-line appeal, and their color-popping high resolution is hard to beat.

camcorders good for traveling

If you’re not too bothered about having perfect video footage it might be that an iPhone is enough. But it’s good to be aware of what you might be forgoing by choosing the smartphone option. Camcorders have faster frame rates and larger image sensors than smartphones, which results in higher quality video images. If the person filming wants things like optical zoom, manual focus, and exposure controls they will want to invest in a camcorder. If it’s easy uploading to a social network, low hassle and decent video images, stick with the smart phone.

Another thing that often gets overlooked is sound.  It is really only with a high-quality camcorder that one can get both amazing images as well as clear sound. Obviously, new apps and superior quality microphones are being created and improved upon so good acoustics are being addressed, but for now camcorders have the corner on sound quality.

Remember that the majority of cellphone owners do not own iPhones (for now) so they are carrying devices that do not offer hi-def video at all; camcorders are the only way they will capture their daughter’s piano recital or their son’s perfect soccer goal. With this in mind, there is still a very real market for camcorders, which means companies will continue to invest in their competitiveness and excellent video imaging.

So why not go ahead and pack that deliciously clean and functional camcorder that is slim enough to slip into the side pocket of your carry-on, and high-tech enough to wow your friends and family with video footage of premium quality. See these reviews for the best around today.