The top tourist attractions in Alice Springs showcase the different aspects of central Australia, mainly because it is the geographic center of the region. It is characterized by endless deserts, majestic gorges, an avant-garde history, and aboriginal culture. Alice Springs or just “Alice” is a multifaceted destination located at the heart of Australia, near the south end of the Northern Territory. Since the early 1980s it has become widely popular tourist hub. The best option to reaching Alice Springs is to actually rent a car or van and make the drive from one of the closest cities, Darwin. Check out for Darwin to Alice Springs campervans so you can take the journey at your own pace and enjoy the drive across the outback to one of Australia’s coolest “cities”, Alice Springs. Here are some of the top attractions in Alice Springs not to miss!

Alice Springs downtown

1. Alice Springs Desert Park

The park is located right outside of Alice Springs. It is a good place to see the region’s flora and fauna. Early mornings are the perfect time to visit if you want to avoid the desert heat. However, you can easily spend an entire day going through the nature trails, witnessing birds of prey via the available shows, and learning more about the plants used by the aborigines for food and traditional medicine. The Alice Springs Desert Park also features a nocturnal exhibit with schedules during day and night.

2. Adelaide House

The Adelaide house is the first stone building built in town and one of the top tourist attractions in Alice Springs. Today, it functions as a museum with exhibits portraying early technologies on air-conditioning and communications. It was built in the 1920s.

3. Alice Springs Telegraph Station

The historic structure marks the original European settlement in Alice Springs. It is surrounded by beautifully restored buildings and plenty of space to walk around. It was built in 1872.

4. National Pioneer Womens Hall of Fame

Alice Springs is the only key town in Australia which was named after a woman. It is only fitting that this town is also the site of a museum honoring hundreds of women who contributed to the Australian heritage.

5. Reptile Centre

The different reptiles of the region are displayed here along with a crocodile from Northern Territory. Many of the reptiles found here were captured outside of their natural habitats, in gardens or even homes of locals.

6. Old Timer’s Museum

The Old Timer’s Museum highlights life and the history of the outback. It boasts a wide collection of antique artifacts from the European settlers of the town. Old Timer’s Museum is located in a village of the same name near the South Stuart Highway.

7. Olive Pink Botanical Garden

Blooming flowers are a rare sight here. The botanical garden is dedicated to desert plants. That said, Olive Pink Botanical Garden is one of the top tourist attractions in Alice Springs for its array of local flora. Here you can also learn more about Olive Pink, the founder of the botanical garden.

8. The sky

The sky in Alice Springs provide excellent opportunities for stargazing. The town is situated in an area where there are next to no lights to interrupt your views of the night sky. Sunset watching is also a delightful activity in town.