Statistics show that a lot of people lose their lives as a result of road accidents. In 2020, 38,824 people died in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Atlanta is among the fastest-growing cities and is home to 498,000 individuals. Unfortunately, an accident happens every four hours. 

Accidents can happen within a blink of an eye, but their results can be severe and sometimes lifelong. This is why you must find the best car accident attorney in Atlanta in case you get into an accident.

In this article, we shall look at seven locations in Atlanta prone to car accidents, the major causes of those accidents, and why you should contact a car accident lawyer in Atlanta.

Causes of Accidents

More than 48 individuals succumb to road accidents monthly, while 233 end up with serious injuries. Atlanta car accident attorneys are available to help you get compensated for the damages suffered due to the defendant’s negligence.

But what causes the accidents? Here are the common causes of Atlanta car accidents:

  • Overspeeding: This is the primary cause of accidents in Atlanta. Most drivers exceed the required speed limit and end up causing car accidents. In such a case, it is crucial to contact car accident lawyers in Atlanta so they can prove the other party was overspeeding.
  • Driving under the influence: This can either be drugs or alcohol. DUI causes impaired reasoning and affects muscle coordination. Reach out to any Atlanta accident attorneys if you suspect the other driver who caused the accident was driving under the influence.
  • Drowsy driving: This can be a result of fatigue. About 7.5 million drivers have admitted to falling asleep while driving. 
  • Driving while distracted: A driver can be distracted in many ways. Examples include texting while driving, reaching for snacks, changing the radio station, or talking on your phone. 
  • Driving an unroadworthy vehicle: The driver must ensure their car is roadworthy by regularly servicing it. 

If the Atlanta car accident lawyer can prove the above factors, the defendant will be found liable, and the plaintiff will receive compensation. So get yourself the best car accident attorney in Atlanta.

7 Locations to Watch Out for in Atlanta

Most intersections have high-speed limits, which makes accidents occur more frequently. The 7 locations that you should be careful about while driving include: 

  • I-75: This goes right through the center of Atlanta and is an essential connector for national trade. Due to the heavy traffic on this road—which includes semis, tractor-trailers, and average Atlantans making their way to work—there is a daily increased risk of catastrophic or fatal accidents. Consider contacting an Atlanta accident lawyer if you are involved in a car accident while driving on this interstate.
  • I-85: This is considered one of the most dangerous roads, as many fatalities occur here. The Georgia Department of Transportation has responded by installing more prominent barriers.
  • I-285: The National Highway Traffic Association in 2013 came up with data that revealed that most fatal accidents occurred on this 64-mile highway. 
  • I-20: Like Interstate 85, this highway is a famous freeway crossing into I-75 in Atlanta’s downtown area. 2016 saw an upsurge in car accident fatalities here; therefore, GDOT rebuilt lanes and upgraded signage to reduce the likelihood of incidents.
  • Covington Highway and Panola Road: They are in Lithonia and have a record of 19 crashes.
  • East Park Place and Stone Mountain Highway: It is in Stone Mountain, and there were 20 crashes.
  •  Monroe Drive and Piedmont Ave: An average of 12 accidents per year happen here.


Overspeeding is the most common cause of road accidents in Atlanta. High-speed limits are the major cause of accidents in these areas. The most dangerous locations in Atlanta are Interstate 75, I-85, I-285, and I-20. Contact an Atlanta auto accident attorney if you are involved in a car accident.