A dive vacation is one whose main activity is diving. Often, people who go on vacation are diving enthusiasts, experienced divers, or beginners interested in diving.

The two primary accommodation choices available for divers include a dive resort or live-aboard. With a dive resort, you get to stay in a place that is close to several recreational sites. With a live-aboard, you get to live aboard a ship that makes stops at some of the best spots.

Each accommodation option has its specific benefits, and below are some of the pros of taking a dive resort vacation.

1. You Enjoy a Holiday with Like-Minded People

A dive resort is a high-end relaxation and recreation facility that specifically caters to divers. As such, depending on the number of suites and guest rooms it has, most of these will be occupied by diving enthusiasts.

Therefore, you will spend your holiday with people from all over the world who are just as passionate about diving as you are.

Second, if you happen to be a solo or single diver, then you will have a chance to make acquaintances with other solo divers and possibly embark on diving expeditions together which will add an extra layer of fun to the diving experience.

Third, the chances are high that you will find divers who have already dived in the places you are planning to dive. Hearing their experiences will inspire you and make you more excited for future dives, not to mention, you will be better equipped for the dives because you will have more knowledge.

Finally, staying at a dive resort will give you the chance to make lifelong friends, and even when you go back home, you can always organize to meet up elsewhere.

2. The Chance to Explore Remote Dive Sites

Consider the following example. When staying at the popular Komodo Ayana dive resort, you have access to a special offer that allows you to enjoy a full day boat trip to Komodo National Park. During the trip, some of the stops include the unique Makassar Reef which has a distinctively-shaped islet that is perfect for snorkeling.

Essentially, a good dive resort will always arrange specialized activities that involve visiting unique dive sites to give you a full experience. That is unlike a normal hotel whose main concern is accommodation or a regular resort which will provide activities that aren’t geared towards diving.

3. Heart-Stopping Sceneries 

Often, dive resorts will be located in islands that are simply breathtaking. Consider a dive resort located in Flores island next to Waecicu Beach. Every day you will be surrounded by pristine white beaches, crystal clear blue waters, picture-perfect tropical sunrises, and sunsets that cast the most beautiful golden glow, not to mention a rugged landscape that is as inspiring as it is beautiful.

As a result, even though most of your vacation will focus on diving, you will still get to experience all the other goodies that Indonesia has to offer. Also, your diving experience will be richer.

4. Access to a Marine Biologists or Marine Expert

One of the biggest benefits of a dive resort vacation is access to a number of specialists well-versed in the local marine life.

During your diving expeditions, you are bound to encounter marine life you have never seen or heard of before. That is because according to statistics, between 60 and 80 percent of marine species in the world’s oceans are yet to be discovered.

That is where marine experts come in. Because they are well-versed in the marine life found in the area, they will help you identify and track species you have never seen before.

5. Enjoy All the Benefits That Come with Staying in a Resort

Staying in a resort, irrespective of whether it is a normal resort or a dive resort, has some benefits over staying in a hotel. For instance, resorts offer recreational facilities such as a gym, a spa, swimming pools, etc. Second, they offer an all-inclusive package that might include transport, pickup from the airport, and child-care.

Also, unlike a hotel which might only offer breakfast and might not provide laundry services, a resort ensures you enjoy three meals per day prepared by world-class chefs, and also provides laundry and cleaning services.