One thing I’ve always wanted to try is kitesurfing (or kiteboarding). If you haven’t been to a beach and seen anyone doing this awesome new sport, you’re missing out. It’s a mix between surfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding. Basically, you have a small board that your strapped into like a wakeboard, and then you hold onto a handle connected to a pretty large kite, that when catches the wind, propels you across the water’s surface. Experts can fly off waves 30 feet into the air!

One of the biggest barriers to entry in the sport is the cost of lessons and equipment. I just heard about a free-to-enter contest from Explora Morocco for 7 days, all accommodation, equipment and lessons paid for. I thought I’d share it here (because it’s good for two people, and we all know who you want to take if you win!). Just go to to enter. Registration starts today (9/11/13) and ends on October 10th 2013. Here’s a flyer for the competition which describes a bit more what to do and the other prizes being offered. Good luck!

Explora competition image