Risky travel is not for everyone, but some just love living dangerously.

Whether it’s because of political instability or lack of social protection, these places were deemed as some of the most dangerous in the world. But the ones on this list actually have a lot more to offer and should not be defined by how they are perceived today.

So, if you want a vacation with a little spice, these places might be right for you:


Home to the world’s largest rainforest, Brazil was recently tagged as a potentially dangerous place for tourists due to the current crime rate, political tension, and a possible Zika Virus outbreak. The crimes in this country also include increasing cases of credit card fraud and identity theft. But the immaculate beaches and vibrant city life in Rio de Janeiro continues to pull in tourists from around the world. There is also the beautiful Amazon Rainforest to explore. However, if you are careful and only use official tourist companies your trip will be safe.


Despite warnings from the US Department of State against traveling to Kenya, due to terrorist attacks and urban shootings, American tourists are still going. The iconic wildlife and snowy mountains in this African country have racked up over 2 million tourists last year, according to Skift. As long as you know which areas to avoid you can enjoy the scenic beauty in this wonderful stunning country.


It’s important you make sure your phone and gadgets are secure in Russia as the country is linked to DDoS and cybersecurity attacks happening around the world.

Even tourists need to be careful as the Russian government is making it easier for their police to access your private messages. The best way to stay safe online is to install a VPN. It is also wise to send messages over encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp rather than a standard text message, especially if you have installed a local SIM card. That being said, don’t let Russia’s dangerous digital landscape put you off. You must visit the palaces in St. Petersburg and the iconic Red Square in Moscow.


When you hear about this country in the news, it’s not likely to be about the great Himalayas. Pakistan has been deemed dangerous due to the terrorist and insurgent activities happening in some of its regions. However, while some regions are definitely out of bounds, others are very safe for tourists. Visit safe areas such as Lahore and Islamabad, to see old and beautiful mosques and experience the country’s vibrant culture. Even though it is low down on the Global Peace Index it is in fact above Russia.

Be on the safe side – Of course, the precautions are not mere decorations on pamphlets but are actual warnings that you should be wary of. Having said that, here are some safety tips you should take note of when going to these places:

Secure your belongings – Most cases of theft involve not only money but also personal information. Make sure you hide your passports and credit cards before turning in for the night. Guidelines on protecting yourself from identity theft by Special Counsel, include immediately notifying your bank in the event of a lost card, and freezing your credit records so no further damage can happen. It’s better to scan your passport and carry a photocopy around, and use money instead of credit cards so that they remain secure when you’re out and about.

Get travel insurance – Some providers might not offer insurance for these places but it’s always a good thing that you’re covered for any untoward events. In addition, it’s good to check if your health insurance applies to the specific country you’re traveling to.

Plan carefully and constantly update your family  – While you might be a risk taker, it pays to do your due diligence when planning your itinerary. SCMP has listed some of the best travel journal apps you can use to share your location with your loved ones. This way, you can enjoy your stay while having the peace of mind that people know where you are.