Working culture has shifted in recent years from a 9-to-5 office job to working productively from the comfort of one’s own home. But this is not the latest trend because digital nomads have taken over the world by performing tasks while roaming across the globe.  The term ‘’digital nomad’’ refers to a new way of life that mixes working with traveling. Working remotely from any location is now possible thanks to technology, as long as they have the means to complete their tasks. Many digital nomads have chosen to stay in Southeast Asia (SEA). With more than ten countries to choose from, being a digital nomad allows you to enjoy the thrill of exploration while earning money passively. If you’ve ever wanted to migrate to Southeast Asia as a digital nomad or are still considering it, here are some suggestions on essential gears you’ll need for a once-in-a lifetime trip to Southeast Asia.

1. Adapter

Before finding yourself frustrated on learning that your power adapters are incompatible with the power outlets, you need a universal adapter. With over then different types of domestic outlet plug in use worldwide, let alone the many plugs used in Southeast Asia, having or not having a universal travel adapter can make or break your trip. You will not be able to utilize your gadget if it’s not charged. When buying an adapter, good advice is to get one with a few power strips and USB ports which save room when you’re alone.

2. Travel bag

As a digital nomad, there’s a good chance you’ll be carrying a lot of equipment and accessories, and it’s easy to lose sight of them while on the road. Which is why minimalism is the key and you need a well-organized travel bag. There are many options available but having a high-quality travel bag can make a significant difference. Different people have different needs, but for starters, seek a bag with numerous pockets and storage compartments. If you have a large budget, a waterproof travel bag could be an excellent option. Knowing that countries in Southeast Asia have monsoon seasons, this kind of travel bag will be very valuable for you.

3. Helmet

If you haven’t heard, motorcycles are one of the most popular modes of transportation in Southeast Asia. Traffic and parking in capital cities, especially, can be quite stressful to think about, making motorcycles significantly more convenient to use. You may find yourself renting a motorcycle occasionally to travel from one place to another. With that, you’ll certainly need a high-quality helmet. Before purchasing one, you might want to do some study from the type of helmet to the brand. For instance, opting with a well-known brand may be the simplest way to choose a helmet. So, if you live in the Philippines, you can consider an EVO or SEC helmet for modular type.

4. External hard drive

Living in a foreign country, away from home, exposes you to various risks and anything can go wrong, especially with your electronic devices. You may have saved your work on the cloud, but an external hard drive should serve as a backup in case something goes wrong. Saving and backing up your work to an external hard drive can provide peace of mind because you’ll have something to fall back on. Having an external hard drive also helps to keep your work organized, protected and accessible. Fortunately, external hard drives have become smaller these days while carrying all the files you’ll ever need.

5. Headphones

Headphones are a must-have in the age of Zoom and beyond. As a digital nomad, there’s a possibility you’ll spend a lot of time working in public. You can avoid being distracted by others if you invest in a good quality headset. Just like any other device, there are a variety of headphones to pick from but the one that provides studio-quality sound and noise-cancelling while working is the one for you. It would be a plus if the headphones had a directional microphone and a battery life more than you need.

6. Stress-relief Goods

Although these things would not get your work complete per se, relaxing is essential for everyone. Only by being a positive frame of mind would you be productive in finishing your work. Therefore, you might want to consider buying a portable massager to melt away your stress and anxiety. A yoga mat would be a wise choice too. With yoga mat, you can practice yoga that will undoubtedly calm all your nerves. There’s nothing to worry about if you don’t practice yoga because you can always use the mat on the beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia!