If you’re searching for a vacation destination that is both full of history and teeming with gorgeous nature, look no further than Virginia. The roots of Virginia as a state go all the way back to the USA’s founding. They extend throughout most major historical events and well into the present. As far as being an exciting getaway goes, Virginia is also a land of bountiful nature. There are large beaches, mountains to scale, sprawling state parks, and plenty of trails to hike.

For all of its historical value, Virginia is not a land totally stuck in the past. The state has big cities that are full of nightlife and excitement. It also has the latest big industry of the decade: sports betting. Using sportsbook apps to wager on big games is a growing hobby in the US, one that has taken off from New York to Arizona. People in Virginia can take part, too, and put it all on the line as their team makes or breaks the bank.

Like any great tourist state, Virginia is full of activities and attractions. Some will cost you, while others are places you can simply walk up to. To help you spend as much as you like and have the trip you desire, we’ve collected a few tips to help you navigate your Virginian vacation.

How To Enjoy Virginia Sports Betting

If you want to bet using a sportsbook app in Virginia, you’ll want to be sure to sign up close to the start of your trip. The process might require you to upload a photo ID to verify that you are over 18 as well as make an initial deposit into your account’s wallet. The good news is that when you first sign up, you can use a promo code to get a headstart on your bets with free plays or extra money. One all that accounting stuff is taken care of, you can pick major and minor league games to wager on.

As far as which app to pick, you’ll have your choice of most major names. BetMGM has been online in Virginia since the state first launched regulated sports betting. BetMGM is known for having a solid app that performs well, offers a great variety of sports, and is very secure with your money. It also lets you watch games via livestream, or you can bet on a live game while watching it in a Virginia stadium.

Give Yourself Time To See A President’s House

Virginia is known as the home state of former presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The old plantation houses of both are still standing to this day, and are historical sites that you can tour through. If you’ve ever toured through an old house, you might think that such a trip would take an hour or two at most. However, both Mount Vernon and Monticello have multiple areas of interest.

Washington’s home of Mount Vernon keeps many of the gardens and outer buildings as they were at the time, so you can get a full sense of life on a 1700s homestead. Jefferson’s home has an outdoor exhibit dedicated to remembering slavery. It uses artifacts to give examples of how the slaves on the plantation lived their daily lives. These displays are just as much worth your time as touring the historical houses are.

When Seeking Active Activities, Think Outside The Beach

Virginia Beach is well known for being extensive, warm, and full of nature exhibits. But if you’re visiting during a time when beaches will be full, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for fun. Shenandoah National Park is a lush land that circles towering mountains, with hiking trails galore. Or you could delve into the Luray Caverns, a bizarrely enchanting underground system that cuts through glittering crystal formations and a unique set of stalactites that make music.