You can book each part of a trip separately or you can purchase a travel package deal. The idea of all inclusive vacation packages is to save both time and money. Everything you need is in a single package, meaning that you book one thing and then you are done. Travel agencies find the best prices on each component of your trip, including flights, hotels and rental cars. Searching last minute travel bargains and booking everything together means valuable savings that you can spend on other fun things.

Do you really save with a package deal?

You always save when you buy a package deal. Packages take the best possible prices on travel, hotel and attractions and combine them into one bundle deal. You can choose packages with your flight and hotel, or hotel and popular tourist attractions. You can choose all inclusive vacation packages or one more customized to your needs, such as when you are on a business trip. The packages are put together by agencies that can gain discounts you wouldn’t be able to get by yourself because of industry relations.

There are some instances where deals are only offered if you book separately or if you travel in a large group. While this rarely happens, it does pay to check individual costs and compare them against a package deal. A package deal is not worth the price if you don’t plan to use all the purchased components.

Only purchase packages you can use. Check for any fees related to changing components, such as booking with a different hotel to the one originally included in the package.

Finding great package deals

The best way to find package deals is to visit travel agency and booking websites. Search for the attraction or city you plan to visit. Many packages already exist for popular travel locations. For the best deals, look for packages that allow you to customize them. You will save more by choosing the components that fit your travel needs. If you plan to visit local attractions, choose a package that includes discount tickets to popular attractions.

Read all of the fine print. Package deals with steep fees and numerous restrictions are not worth the savings. Be sure you understand exactly what you agree to before purchasing your package. Hidden fees can mean that you actually pay more!

Benefiting from all inclusive vacation packages

The best types of travel packages, especially for couples or families, are all inclusive vacation packages. These are set up to provide everything you need in a single package, including travel and attractions. They make it easier to plan a vacation since you don’t have to research each component yourself. Instead, you can focus on packing and enjoying your upcoming vacation. Travel agencies are able to negotiate better all inclusive rates as these hotels and attractions are eager to draw in tourists.

The timesaving alone should be factored in to whether you use all-inclusive packages or not (unless you enjoy spending hours in front of the computer comparing prices!). Researching and booking separately means extra hours and even days of hassle. Not only will you save valuable time but you will also save money to use on souvenirs, eating out, and anything else you want while on vacation.

Bundle Package it Baby!