Getting a fresh set of keys to your house can fill you with excitement. And there’s nothing more exhilarating than decorating and painting your home from scratch while filling it with new memories. But, before you can pack up your house and move out, you must ensure your old home is taken care of. There is much to clean up, throw away, and pack, which is time-consuming and draining. However, you must also ensure that your new space is ready to welcome you and livable. So, how do you juggle so many responsibilities in such a short time? The answer lies below:

Before you tackle any project, always have a plan for how you will go about it. Planning allows you to visualize what tasks you need to accomplish and what possible setbacks you may face. So if you plan before the big move, you will save yourself from encountering numerous problems. It will help if you begin the process by researching your new destination. Find out what makes it a great place to live to motivate you to go through the shifting process. If you have lived in Miami for a long time and experienced severe weather, low wages, crowded beaches, changing politics, and steep housing prices, it may be time for a change. However, this could also be a great chance to step out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities. And if you crave natural beauty and prefer a quaint urban life, South America is the place to be. This continent has evolved immensely over the past few years, giving rise to more remote working opportunities and access to diverse landscapes and food. South America is roughly 2,905 miles from Miami, making it a day-and-a-half trip. So if you want to move here, contact companies specializing in Moving from Miami to South America and can easily tackle this long-distance journey. We recommend  Solomon & Sons for all your relocation needs. They offer a wide range of services to make your move easier, including packing and unpacking assistance, furniture assembly, temporary and long-term storage solutions, and custom crating solutions.

  • Evaluate Your New Space

Technology has made it easy for you to look at your new house without the need to fly out there. The most popular real estate companies now offer virtual walk-throughs and 3D images of the properties that can help you explore your home thoroughly. At least a week before you move, contact your real estate agent and set up a virtual meeting that allows you to look at your space deeply. Ask the real estate questions like the size of each room, where all the outlets are located, and if older appliances are lying around, ensure that the agent takes care of them. 

Most utility companies are incredibly flexible. Following a few sessions with you and your realtor, they will install all the resources you need, from providing your house with Wi-Fi to electricity. In rare cases, if the utility company or your real estate agent is uncomfortable in virtually meeting with you, there’s a slight chance you may need to fly out to your new destination, so be prepared for that.

  • Marie Kondo Your House

Marie Kondo, a celebrated Japanese consultant and lifestyle celebrity, is well known for her KonMari method, which is a technique used to tidy up and deep clean your space. Marie emphasizes minimalism and envisioning the lifestyle you want for yourself; therefore, as you prepare to move, you can get rid of clutter. As much as you may want to take everything with you, know this is not a practical approach. Your old belongings will needlessly take up space in your new home, and you might need extra storage to put them away. This will only add to your expenses and dent your budget. Hence, think carefully about what you want to take and then sort through your things. 

Heirlooms and items you inherited, like ornaments, are irreplaceable, but if you have old furniture, clothes, toys, and appliances, you can leave them behind. If you have items in good condition but do not intend to take them with you, donate them to the Salvation Army or the thrift store, or sell them at a garage sale. You can give away old books to the library and recycle newspapers. Make sure you ask your family to help you rifle through; having more hands on deck makes the work easier and saves you from doing everything yourself.

  • Say Goodbye to Your Old Life

As you prepare to leave for your new abode, there are a few finishing touches that you need to do. Make sure you contact all your utility companies and inform them you are no longer their customer, and if there are any pending bills, pay them off. You can ask a friend or family member to check in your old house to ensure that the utility company has complied and that there is nothing active in your home. When you have a new address, you must update your records and provide every major billing, mailing, and packaging company details of your new place so your mail automatically ends up at your new house. 

Since you’re moving from Miami to South America, you may need to look into acquiring new sim cards, registering with a local phone company, and getting a driver’s license. 

Once your house is packed up and ready to say goodbye, seize a few precious moments to see friends and family. Shifting homes is a significant milestone and can leave you feeling emotional. For that reason, celebrating with loved ones can make you feel treasured and give you the closure you need as you gradually make a giant leap in your life.

Final Thoughts

Shifting houses is an emotional yet wonderful process. It is almost as if you completed one book on your life, and now you’re ready to start another. But before writing a new life story, you must prepare for the work ahead. Packing up your old house may seem like a never-ending process; however, once you sweep through the piles, you will see a noticeable difference in the clutter. Therefore, make your life easier and jot down how you wish to tackle all your belongings, recruit help if needed, maximize your time sorting, and throw away old things. Don’t forget to check up on your new space and ensure it is ready to be inhabited by you and your loved ones. Finally, not every goodbye is sad; rejoice in the memories you made at your old home and look forward to creating new ones at your new destination.