Many people travel alone for work or fun. While you may not have any worries, there are some dangers to it. When you travel alone, you are more at risk to be a victim of a crime. It’s also harder to defend yourself if there is nobody alongside you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Traveling alone can also be empowering and relaxing. Here are some tips to help you stay safe if you travel alone.

Don’t Make It Obvious

Just because you are traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to look like it. If you are in a tourist area, simply blend in with the crowd around you. If you meet people in your hotel, on a plane, or anywhere else, don’t tell them you are traveling along. Say you are meeting someone or make up an excuse about where your travel partner is. Don’t set yourself up to be a victim.

Stay Off Social Media

It’s easy to want to post your photos and experiences on social media when you travel, but a lot of criminals use the Internet to find their victims. Even if your page is private, someone may still find out where you are traveling, and learn that you are alone. You never know what details in a photo could give away your location. You should also use a VPN so you the messages you are sending to family or friends and other information you share online, can’t be intercepted. Save your photo sharing for when you return home.

Don’t Loiter

Don’t get caught doing nothing. You should always be on the move and doing something. If you are sitting around, you are basically a sitting duck. Criminals wait until they see someone sitting around to take advantage of them. They have more time to plan their attack and get away. If you are moving around, it makes it harder for them to focus on you and have time to come up with a plan of attack.

Don’t Flash Your Money

Don’t carry cash if you don’t have to and avoid wearing fancy shoes, clothes, and jewelry. These things tell people you have money and luxury items that they can easily take. They can make you a target. If you are traveling with valuable, leave them in a hotel safe. Use debit cards when possible, as these can quickly and easily be reported stolen and replaced. Don’t give people a reason to want to harm or victimize you.

Know The Area

Before you travel anywhere, make sure you are familiar with the area. Know which parts are full of crime and which ones are safe. Know where the police stations, hospitals, and your embassy are located. You don’t want to stumble into a bad area, get lost, or find yourself in an emergency situation and unsure where to turn. Take the time to research an area, so you know your way around and are confident about where you are going. If you need direction, ask someone at your hotel desk, or look up a map or city guide online.