Our bodies break down somewhat as we age. Because of this, most people assume a general decline is ordinary and that acting against it is futile – as if they were going against nature itself. 

However, it is possible to grow old steadily and healthily. At the end of last year, it was reported that senior Americans made up the majority of COVID-related deaths as well. Mortality and the fragility of life have been on everybody’s mind lately, but it is important not to lose hope in your twilight years. 

How easy will ageing well be in 2022 and beyond? What are the things that you need to think about? Do you need to switch gears with your lifestyle and attitude? Visit aginginplace.org for more information.

Here are the 4 things you need to do if you wish to age well. 

Focus on Your Attitude

Apathy becomes more common as people age. Older Americans can feel like they have seen and done it all and that few things can surprise them anymore. 

For this reason, many seniors in the U.S. do not save to cover important medical care and treatment. They perhaps assume they can shake off their ailments with time or that some illness will get them eventually. If you share some or all of these views, then an attitude adjustment is surely needed. You are unlikely to gain any traction in ageing well if your well-being is a low priority. 

If you struggle to find motivation for looking after yourself, think about all the things you might miss if you are bedridden or suffer an untimely passing. Perhaps your sons and daughters might need your help and support one day? Maybe you will miss important milestones in your grandchildren’s lives? In the end, it could be worth practising self-care for the sake of others in your life, too. 

It is easier to age well when surrounded by happiness and love. Your mind and spirit need to be in the right place, and you should try to feel as much affinity for life as possible. There is always more to see, do, and experience. A bright and youthful outlook is the best place to begin, so keep trying new things and stay cheerful. It will all have a resounding effect on your ageing process. 

Stay Informed

Ageing well can be something of a subjective experience. Your needs can change as you age, and the parameters in which you grow older may subsequently evolve too.  

Therefore, it may be a good idea to do some research into several factors that may influence your own personal experience of ageing. For example, you may be able to learn about the support that can help you live out your senior years at home rather than elsewhere. 

Numerous health problems can materialize out of nowhere, or worsen, in your elder years. It is important to recognize that it is a period of ever-changing circumstances and that your health needs to be closely monitored throughout it all. Stay updated with all the latest information on conditions you suffer from, or expect to encounter, and you can hopefully stay one step ahead of these issues and remain as comfortable as possible. 

Energize and Hydrate

In addition to being informed, you must do your best to remain proactive. Only then can the downsides of ageing be managed well. 

Take a look at Ingredient Opitmized’s writings on the best protein for seniors and follow through on their guidance. They explain that older adults may underestimate their needs around their protein intake and that they can take supplements to achieve better health. Read their resources on the amount of protein you might need as a senior, and action their insightful advice. 

A low-fat diet is key. Try to gravitate toward whole grains, leaner meats, as well as things like nuts and seeds for your snacks. There are plenty of delicious foods out there that can give you a brand-new lease on life, even older age. 

Hydration is good for your skin, too, so be sure to drink plenty of water. In doing this, you may even reduce the number of wrinkles that appear on your body. Some older adults will resort to expensive (and often flawed) plastic surgery methods to ‘retain’ their youthful looks, but your lifestyle plays a more prominent role here. A healthy lifestyle coupled with anti-aging supplements may help preserve your health and appearance even longer.
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Quit Bad Habits

Bad habits can impede the progress you make when eating and drinking healthier. Therefore, it is important to overcome these roadblocks at the earliest opportunity. 

Things such as smoking can age you significantly, negatively affecting the appearance of your skin, teeth, and hair. Alcoholism is another habit that can also harm your well-being and put years on your appearance. 

Of course, it is not easy to quit smoking or drinking, especially if you have spent years partaking. Seek professional help if you feel that would be an appropriate measure to take. That way, you can kick these bad habits and enjoy your more exuberant elder years all the sooner.