My Grand Return

Here I am, sipping on a 5 dollar beer in the Cancun airport, surrounded by Americans with sun poisoning and hair braids. Their oblivious grins of content as they sit in Tommy Bahama shorts and reminisce about their $500 sunny days and all-inclusive resorts. Me with my winter coat at side, and a month’s worth of amazing memories and experiences that these amateur sun bathers have no idea lies beyond their precious Yucatan. For I was only gone for 4 short weeks, but the things I saw and did will stay with me for as long as I hopefully wander this earth. Every time I take the chance to go on one of my trips, I have yet to be let down. I made many new great friends that extended warm embracing hands that I hopefully can reciprocate in the near future. More so, I have decided that I want to live abroad for a stint after I finish college. Life is just too short to throw oneself into some monotonous grind, and for what? The prospect of a shitty efficiency in Manhattan and the promise of 80 hour weeks at an entry level salary? For the opportunity to waste the best years of my life sitting at some cubicle next to Dan and the hope I’ll meet some other female version drone of myself at happy hour? No thank you. I am happy working my current job, getting through school, and spinnin’ the globe with my eyes tweaked shut and a dropping a trigger happy index. My advice to everyone reading this blog is to take a chance. Dare yourself to do something and just do it. What do you really have to lose? You have no family, no 6 figure career (most of you), so do yourself a favor, pack a bag, and see something new. I guarantee you will have some of the most painfully enlightening experiences you could ever imagine.


~Jeremy SuperTramp