Unfortunately, my last day in Queretaro and penultimate day in Mexico was not as memorable as I would have liked. I woke up feeling like some dude beat my ass the night before in some rowdy bar fight. This was partly attributed to me getting too excited at the gym the day prior, but mostly due to some sort of airborne bug, (not the swine flu!). My achiness in addition to the freezing temperatures outside, left me in my bed until almost noon, fighting myself to go take a piss and get something to eat. After finally mustering my will to get moving, I decided to go to a restaurant and stop at a pharmacy for some remedy. In Mexico, you don’t need a prescription to buy most drugs, (yea adderall and Ritalin do, I checked…but Viagra doesn’t 8=============D) so I asked the pharmacist for some cold medication. We played a quick game of Simon Says pointing to every facial appendage that hurt and she finally came back with some “magic pill”. I took it, and went to go eat lunch at a Mexican version of IHOP called VIPS. Yea I know it was my last day and I should have been eating some enchiladas or something, but I was sick, and I wanted a nice glutinous American breakfast. At the restaurant, there was some tall white guy dressed in a Nazi Gestapo outfit walking around in circles. I asked the waitress and she said he was a regular client. After my meal, I slothed back to my house and took a 3 hour nap to which I arose feeling significantly better. I decided I should probably get moving on packing because Grace invited me over for a nice homemade dinner. When I went to take a shower an hour before she picked me up, I easily noticed that the hot water wasn’t working again. I lit the pilot about 10 times because it would blow out with the slightest zephyr. Upon my last roll of the wheel on the lighter, a ferocious ball of flame shot out from the furnace. The P.O.S filled up with gas when the pilot went out the last time and it burned my hand pretty badly. All the hair on my lower arm, as well as some spots where the fire actually burned off my skin resulted. After a long shitty day I went to Graces and we had a really nice last night together and I felt much better when I arrived back to my house then when I left.