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Izmir Clock Tower

By Natalie Likness Bored of the ‘Great British Summer’, I decided to look at holidays abroad. There are so many deals around to choose from and when I found cheap flights to Turkey, we struck…

Roman Architecture in Tarragona, Spain

When I travel, I’m allured to creating personal connections with people and places.  While seeing the heroic metropolises of Paris, London and New York London and New York are on every human’s bucket list, I prefer…

Miami Dad courthouse building

Miami is a new city.  With virtually nothing  older than a 100 years, the rather impressive skyline is punctuated by soaring glass skyscrapers that exude a modern and fast-paced ambiance. But before all the glitz and glam which The Magic City has become known for, Miami was the end of the line, literally.
Miami’s first boom came after […]