Have you ever admired the physical attributes and the vigor that NFL players show on the field? You may thus want to know the exact type of foods that make their physiques bulky and muscular. Such players do not get those bodies by chance, but a lot of effort goes into it.

According to a nutrition consultant for the Seattle Seahawks, Susan M. Kleiner, the type of foods that NFL players take will depend on how quickly they are gaining or losing weight, where they are in their training, and where they are in the season. She told the HuffPost that a typical NFL quarterback diet needs up to 6000 calories in a day and 4000 on the lower side. Let us breakdown the different meals needed:


You should start the day with as many foods as you can get in, according to Kleiner. Eggs come in handy as they are rich in proteins, fats, vitamin A and potassium. NFL lineman Justin Pugh says that he smashes a nutritious shake every morning. On some days, he will have eggs while or eggs along with the shake.

Making your own smoothie comes in handy as you control what goes into your body. You can throw in some blueberries, strawberries, banana, spinach, apple, nonfat yogurt, oats, chia seeds, protein, wheat, multivitamins, and a carb supplement to make your smoothie.

The ideal breakfast should be balanced with lean proteins, healthy carbs, vegetables, and fruits. Some of the foods in a typical NFL player include quinoa, chicken breast, broccoli, avocado, sweet potatoes, whole grain cereals, whole grain toast, pasta, lean meat, juice, and eggs.


You should eat at least two snacks a day if you want to be like an NFL player. Snacks come in handy when you want to optimize performance on the field. Snacks should not be junk food as they simply add bulk without giving your body any muscular value.

Packaged bars and snacks may promise a lot on paper, but they will definitely fail you. Whole foods come in handy as they provide fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates, fats. Whole fruits such as bananas or apples are ideal snacks when taken with three-quarters of a cup of low-fat yogurt or cheese. Some of the other options for snacks are turkey meatballs, nuts, nuts butter, gluten-free toast, smoothies, and a protein shake.


Antioxidants are the best foods for an NFL player. Most of the NFL players will want their lunch served in the form of a wrap, a sandwich, or a salad. Arian Foster, a running back, claims that vegetables, rice, and potatoes are his meals for a typical lunch. Some of the other meals fit for an NFL player include juice, broccoli, chicken breast, sweet potatoes, quinoa, avocado, lean meat, pasta, and eggs.



Dinner is the last meal for an NFL player. Such a person is headed for rest, but the body needs to recover from the day’s activities. A typical dinner meal should consist of vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy carbs. Some of the meals that fit such a diet include lean ground-beef lasagna, bison burger with sweet potatoes & mixed veggies, grilled chicken breast, turkey meatloaf with pesto pasta & sautéed vegetables, steak, and potatoes.

Keep hydrated 

There are many ways of supporting your favorite football players/teams. You can opt to wager on various games based on NFL Picks. On the other hand, you can eat and practice like them to get the physical attributes. However, getting that dream body of an NFL player will remain a dream if you do not hydrate.

NFL players take a lot of water when the temperatures are high. A player should be drinking something every 15-20 minutes to get 16-20 oz during practice or a game. Electrolytes in the form of a banana or a sports drink are also a good option for heavy sweaters.

Preparing meals with the above foods will help you eat like an NFL player. However, you should also realize that physical exercises also play a part in the physical appearance of such players. You may have cheat meals once in a while but ensure that you consume lean meats, good carbs, lots of vegetables, and healthy fats