It’s easy to fall back into a sedentary life, especially if you work a desk job all day. Unfortunately, low levels of activity in your daily life can have effects on your health, such as decreased metabolism, which can lead to weight gain, as well as impact your mental health. If you are struggling to find ways to increase activity levels in your daily life, this list might help:

1. A Better Mattress

One of the many complaints that people who are more sedentary have is aches and pains and postural issues. Sleeping on a better mattress can help relieve some of these aches and pains, so it is an investment to consider. Many people sleep on their side, so take a look at the best mattresses that side sleepers can use and how they compare. With sleep being such an important part of a healthy lifestyle, you should have a comfortable and supportive mattress.

2. A Reminder System

If you work long hours at a desk or spend lots of time relaxing from home, it’s easy to forget to get up and walk about. Setting up reminders on your phone or computer, potentially through an app, can help you to remind yourself to stand up and move your body. Changing position from standing to sitting frequently is a good start, but you can also begin to incorporate standing exercises and stretches. If you have the time on your breaks, you should go for a walk, even just walking up and down the stairs is a good start.

3. A Good Pair of Shoes

Going for walks and moving around is essential, so you need a pair of supportive and comfortable shoes. Look for shoes that fit you well and offer plenty of support; you can also use orthopedic insoles too. Foot pain shouldn’t be an excuse to avoid exercise, if you wear a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes, combined with high-quality insoles, like the ones from Protalus.

4. A Wireless Headset

If you need to stay seated to answer telephone calls, consider a wireless headset. This will allow you much more movement and the ability to be hands-free. You can get in much more exercise, movement, and stretches without being tied down by a telephone cable or a phone in your hand.

5. A Sit-Stand Desk

Another great investment for office workers is an adjustable desk. Staying seated for long hours isn’t great, so having an adjustable desk means you can raise the height to a comfortable level and spend some time standing instead. This is something you can consult your manager about if you work in an office, but it is also something you can invest in yourself to use at home.

6. A Hobby That Motivates You

Being active often means getting encouraged to pick up a sport or visit the gym. If you aren’t interested in any sports and don’t feel ready or interested in joining a gym, there are other hobbies you could try. For example, gardening is a less strenuous activity but still involves movement and keeps you busy. 

7. A Positive Attitude

You don’t necessarily need to buy anything to improve your lifestyle. Small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or using the restroom that’s further away can increase the exercise you do each day. One thing you do need, though, is the right mindset. Pushing yourself might seem challenging at first, but it will be hugely beneficial to your health and can make you feel better inside and out. Start with small changes and see how far you get.

Hopefully, this list gives you the encouragement you need to make the right changes to your daily routine. Every little step will make a difference, so do your best.