Across the entire Alpine mountain range, you’re almost guaranteed to find a view which takes your breath away. The snow-capped peaks that stretch from south-western France towards the eastern extremities of Austria provide not only jaw-dropping scnery, but ample opportunities to take part in some pretty awesome winter sports.

However, there’s more to the Alps than just snowy mountains, as the lakeside resort of St Anton proves.

One of the best things about St Anton is the fact that it looks even more stunning during the summer, when you don’t have to wear several layers of clothing or worry about slipping on icy pavements! So, when the weather’s a little bit nicer, what is there to see and do in St. Anton?

St. Anton, Austria (from wikipedia)

Village vitality

The village of St Anton, which is at the heart of the resort, has plenty to do during the summer months. The activities on offer include shopping in its many boutiques and craft shops, all selling locally-produced goods which reflect the wider region’s unique culture. Also, there’s a spa, gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and bars and restaurants where you can rest up.

Leading out of St Anton are numerous walking routes which go up some of the neighbouring mountains. The Austrian summer isn’t necessarily the warmest, but it’s usually nice enough for you to go on a little walk, especially with friends or family!

As Krissy Sinclair, the Austria Resort Manager for Inghams says, “St Anton is a walker’s paradise with over 250km of marked trails and peaks up to 2809m, there really is so much to explore!”

See-ing is believing

When going on the Verwall Valley walking route, you’re likely to finish with a spectacular view of the Verwall See, the biggest and most famous lake in the St Anton region. There, you could go fishing, kayaking, take a few holiday snaps for when you get back home or even visit some of the nearby attractions or restaurants for a bite to eat.

St Anton is a popular resort for lakes holidays, so it’s important to book early if it takes your fancy. IF you manage to book a vacation to this part of Austria, be prepared for a relaxing and peaceful yet adventurous break that you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry!