Growing up, I went to the Jersey Shore for summer vacations. No no no, not Seaside Heights with Snookie and The Situation, South Jersey, where good homely people from Philly escape for a little fun in the sun.

While the sand was pretty nice, the water looked pretty much like diarrhea, and I’m sure there was actually plenty of it in there too.

The picture of the week for this semana is compliments of a childhood friend of mine, Andrew Goodwin, who I actually spent plenty of time with at the Jersey Shore kissing girls on the boardwalk and stealing our parents’ beers.

He recently spent a semester in Thailand and this an amazing picture he snapped while on a little beach vacation from his studies.

I’m gearing up for a trip to Thailand myself, hopefully in the next year.  As you can tell from the picture, the reasons are obvious.  But beyond the awe-inspiring landscapes, beachscapes, seascapes, Thailand accommodation and just day-to-day expenses are dirt cheap I hear.  Let’s see if it’s even cheaper than Latin America…