Driving for a long distance can be pretty taxing on you, and it is a challenge just to stay alert and avoid boredom. Even if you are able to take suitable entertainment with you to help you stave off boredom, another challenge which you have to contend with is discomfort brought on by being sat in the same position for hours on end.

When car companies design car seats, they aren’t thinking about there person on a 12 hour+ road trip, but rather the man or woman about town, causing something of a comfort issue for those on long distance voyages. Thankfully though, there are many things that you can do to make sure that you can ride in comfort for the duration of you journey.


The first step to making sure that you don’t get too uncomfortable during your long drive, is to ensure that you give your body the chance to move around. Given that moving whilst driving is not possible, you should aim to stop for at least 5 minutes, every 2 hours. When you do stop, make sure that you get out of the car, and have a walk around and a light stretch. This will keep the blood pumping around the body, stretch the muscles and bones, and help you to avoid heavy discomfort during your drive.

Cushions and Accessories

There are many additional items which you could buy for your car seat, that will make any journey far more comfortable, especially the longer ones. There are many cushions and padded seat covers which you could look to buy for your car, which will give you a little bit of extra comfort for your drive. Alternatively you can buy an amazing back massager for car seats, that not only give you support and comfort as you drive, but are even automated so that they can massage your back, whilst you are driving.

Cruise Control

When you are on a long journey on the freeway, as soon as it is possible for you to do so, hit cruise control and give your feet a rest. Constantly pushing down on the accelerator with you foot, can cause aches and pains in both your feet and legs, and could even cause them to cramp up, both a safety and a comfort threat. Take every opportunity that you can to use the cruise control, and then keep moving and wiggling your feet around to keep them loose.


The final piece of advice is to make sure that you are dressed comfortably for your journey, and not wearing tight fitting clothing which can cause discomfort. Jeans for example are a terrible idea and shorts or baggy trousers would be a far better choice. You should also make sure that you have nothing in your pockets such as keys, or a wallet, as these will push onto your skin as you are sat down, and after some time they can start to bother you a lot.

Plan ahead for your long journey, and you can make sure that you arrive in comfort.