A solid Road Trip Checklist will make any journey a safe and eventful one

The best trip you will ever make your friends is a road trip. Just think about all the cool stuff you can do when you are having the ultimate road trip, all the sights you will see, and the hilarious in-car entertainment. The reason why people would opt for a long drive than a short plane trip is not just the affordability, but because there are fun experiences exclusive to a road trip.

But before you start planning one right now and getting that travel insurance; there are a couple of things you need to do first. In this article, we will talk about the important things you need to have to achieve the ultimate road trip experience.

Have your car serviced

Even if you have only rented the car or are planning on driving a Toyota auto, you still need to do a maintenance check to make sure that it is ready for long drives. Visit a service centre and have auto experts look the car over, they will have a more meticulous eye when it comes to checking your engines, tires, and oil.

Make sure to bring emergency tools

Emergency tools include basic car maintenance tools like jumper cables, a safety triangle, portable tire inflators, and an extra tire. These will ensure that you are ready if a car emergency happens.

Bring lots of food

Another thing you should not forget are the food and drinks. You do not want a car full of hungry people in the middle of the road and go full-on cranky because there are no biscuits around. Finger food is always the best option when it comes to road trips, like sandwiches. Chips are fine, as long as you have lots of water around because the salt will make your mouth and throat feel parched. Try for healthier food options like fruits. If you want, you can also try the veggie chips; contrary to what everyone else is saying, those are actually pretty tasty. As for drinks water should be sufficient. But if you want, you can always bring fruit juices and a few sodas.

Portable mobile phone charger

Smartphones drain faster, even if you are in power saving mode. To avoid losing battery in the middle of the drive, make sure to bring portable chargers with you. You can bring the portable chargers that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter instead of the ones you still need to charge.

Load up on music

The best part about road trips is making the playlist. Gather with your friends and choose the songs all of you would want to sing along during the drive. Make sure everyone’s favourite songs to listen to are loaded up so that each person can enjoy the playlist. This is going to help energise the whole group and make you feel doubly excited for the trip.

Hand extra car keys to a friend

Losing your car keys does not happen often, but it is a possibility. So bring a spare set of car keys and have another friend keep it safe for you.

As a last reminder, make sure you wear comfortable clothes and that you use sunscreen especially if you are expected to walk under the scorching heat of the sun. Road trips are fun, and it would be even more awesome if everyone is involved in the planning. So call up your friends and map out stops and destinations you can visit along the way. Have fun and be safe!