Travel bloggers know the true value of a beautiful location. Not only do you get to experience the beauty first-hand, but you can also capture it on camera and share it with your Instagram followers.

As the visual platform becomes more popular, it’s more important than ever to consider the quality and composition of your images. Having a cohesive visual theme for your entire account is equally as critical as the quality of the posts. A clear strategy with consistent filters, colors, and arrangement is a big part of building your visual theme.

It’s time to leverage this powerful platform

The US population of Millennials is close to 71 million users. 92% of those use a smartphone, and 85% use social media. Facebook is still dominant in the social media space, but Instagram is right on its heels. The iconic image-based platform is adding tools constantly to give users every advantage to leverage their audience for maximum reach. Start improving your social media strategy by taking control of the look of your feed.

Choose a topic

Unlike a personal account, a business or influencer posts about a limited set of ideas, themes, or causes. Determine the purpose of your account and manage the content so that each post supports your purpose.

For example, if your Instagram is all about Mexico City, then every post should tie back in some way. “Found this cute boutique store in Rome that reminded me so much of the shops in the neighborhood of Condesa.” Your followers will know what to expect from your account and will keep coming back. A well-managed account will result in more Instagram likes and followers.

Establish a visual theme

Institute a stable aesthetic or visual style that brings consistency to your images. Many Instagrammers stick to a three-color scheme or use one filter consistently across every photo. If you use text overlays, they should conform to the same consistent standards, i.e., select three fonts and white text that is 80% opaque.

A great example of this is Pura Vida Bracelets Instagram presence – their images have a clear style that can easily be identified, which helps them stand out in user feeds.

Pay attention to how your photos interact

Each post should look good, but they should also look cohesive as a whole. That is, the aesthetic should be obvious to a viewer on your profile, and the photos should look nice next to each other. Establish a balance of colors and subjects by spacing out pictures that are similar to one another.

Choose a layout

There are two popular ways to achieve a harmonious look – post photos in a grid or separate them with tiles. For a grid, use a photo editing app to post thumbnails of your planned images and scroll through them. Make sure they look good as a six-pack and will flow from your last batch of photos. Move them around until you settle on the best arrangement before posting.

A tiled layout is one that alternates between a quote and a photo. The aesthetic, color choices and overall feel still match, but it gives a unique look when the account is viewed as a whole. It’s also slightly easier if you’re a spontaneous poster who doesn’t want to manage the process quite so tightly.


Spend some time looking at established, popular accounts and determine what elements that you can apply in your account. A successful Instagram account incorporates the basics of branding – establish a consistent color scheme, font, and aesthetic and apply it to every post. You’ve got to take a step back from the day to day management and discover the layouts and formats that work best for your community.