When deciding on the right HVAC Lacey WA-based for your home, you have several options. You want your Washington State home to be warm and cozy from any cold or damp weather that occurs throughout the year. Different systems can supply the heat you need, but you should think about which is the most efficient option for the type of home you have. Here are reasons why a ductless HVAC system may be perfect for your Lacey home.

Energy Efficiency

Are you trying to live a greener life? The type of HVAC system you choose can help lead the way. A ductless HVAC system burns less energy than other types. When you run a more energy-efficient home, you reduce your carbon output, which is good for the environment. That also translates into fewer bills and can allow you to budget better for other things in your home, or at least save money.


Have you ever had to deal with a loud AC? When AC parts get worn down and begin the end of their lifecycle, it can be so loud you won’t be able to hear yourself think or watch a movie in peace. One of the main benefits of a ductless system is how quiet it is. When you turn it on, you barely know that it’s there, until you feel the heat or coolness that comes from it. Therefore, you can use this system comfortably day or night, as it won’t disrupt your sleep or your home Skype calls.

Large Household

If you have a large family, you may understand just how different everyone can be in their personal tastes. Those tastes don’t just include food, music, and clothing. People may have different levels of sensitivity to heat and cold. With a ductless system, it’s easier to have individual units in everyone’s bedroom that they can adjust to their liking. If you have a multi-level home, you can have different units on each floor or in different zones.

Less Damage

If you’re switching from a different unit to a ductless system or installing one for a new home build, rest assured it will cause less damage to your home. Because no ducts are involved, there are fewer construction contractors have to do for installation. Therefore, they don’t have to drill as much through your drywall, and your home structure can be better preserved.


Are you running an Airbnb where you have different units in one house? Do you plan to convert your basement into an apartment or separate guest room? You can treat it like a hotel, where each hotel room has its own AC. Therefore, if you’re turning a residence into a business, a ductless system is the best type to install.

Thanks to advances in HVAC technology, homeowners and businesses have more choices than ever for their heating and cooling needs in Olympia. A ductless system is one of the ideal ways to have more energy-efficient space, save money, and give individual residents more control. Plus, you won’t have to see your property torn up with a bunch of duct networks running throughout. If you haven’t done so already, 2024 is the time to convert to a ductless network.