As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, affecting all aspects of the world economy, we are left asking how we can aid small businesses who have been forced to close their operations because of the virus.

The pandemic has caused us to reassess our necessities and taught us a lot about our purchasing habits.

With the world’s attention focused on supporting local businesses, it’s no surprise that now is the moment to reorient our shopping habits towards a more conscious approach.

The fashion industry has been affected due to the surge of COVID-19. Many aspiring fashion designers are left bewildered by their career choices, especially those who have just started in the industry.

Now more than ever is the time where we can lend our hand.

In this article, we will look at a few ways we can express our support to small fashion clothing businesses.

Simple Ways to Support Small Businesses

Buy on local fashion businesses

Small fashion entrepreneurs like what they do and play a vital role in their community.

These aspiring individuals value their connections with their clients.

They depend on both regular and occasional clients to not only support them make money but also to spread the word about their business to others.

You are also helping the local community by supporting a small business.

Spending money there helps to boost the local economy and keep businesses thriving in your community.

These small businesses serve to generate and maintain employment while also keeping the neighborhood lively and bustling with customers and visitors.

The community’s support matters a lot to small-business owners, and they usually love repaying the favor by engaging in fundraisers and organizing special events to express their gratitude.

Gathering money to spend at a local business demonstrates that you value what they do for your community and the services they offer.

When it comes to purchasing from and owning a small business, community support works both ways.

Socialize and share them online

Begin by following them on social media, which will assist to improve the exposure of their pages to your list of followers.

Help them grow their businesses and online visibility by liking, reposting, or commenting on their posts, and including them in your lists, groups, and recommendations.

Provide constructive feedback, and participate in their activities at all times. Interaction is important to small fashion business owners.

This boosts their morale and encourages them to keep selling. Every business starts somewhere, and their customers’ support accounts for almost 60% of their dedication.

Provide an honest review

While making a purchase is the most direct way to support a business, writing a review is the second best thing to do.

When individuals are searching for places to buy a certain product, they will most likely seek reviews to help them make a decision.

Customers do not know what to anticipate from a small business, unlike the established brands.

When you keep your consumers pleased, you may turn them into loyal customers, which means they will stay with you in the long term.

Positive and negative online ratings may be used to highlight aspects of your business that might need improvements, such as customer care or a quicker delivery.

An honest review also helps small fashion businesses to improve aspects of their operation. This will help their customers experience better offerings in the future.

Just simply leave a review, rate, and comment down your sentiments. It’s a wonderful way to convey your personal support online.

These evaluations help to legitimize their business and provide prospective consumers with a better knowledge of what they do and why they are better than competitors.

Be a loyal customer

Remember, as much as small fashion businesses strive to acquire new consumers, small businesses depend on return clients.

Loyalty may result from a variety of factors, but in general, a loyal consumer will associate positive experiences with a brand, increasing the chance of repeat purchases from your business.

Consumers that are loyal to a company spend 67 percent more on goods and services than new clients.

The customer’s tendency to spend more comes from a feeling of trust that they have built over time for their preferred business.

In essence, if a consumer loves and trusts your brand’s quality, they are more inclined to purchase clothing in quantity.

They may even be inspired to buy clothes in bulk for resale and start partnerships with you.

Recommend them to your friends and family

When you buy directly from a small business rather than a famous brand, the revenues go directly to the designer or brand and their workers, which helps smaller labels remain afloat during difficult times.

Urge your family and friends by expressing your views of local businesses. A referral has the potential to go a long way.

Keep in mind that word of mouth is an effective instrument for supporting small fashion brands.


There are many small fashion businesses out there, and we feel it is essential to shop small and support small businesses wherever possible.

Do not hesitate to show your support for your friend’s small business, or a great business you found online or on your local high street!

We hope we were able to feed ideas on how you can support small businesses in a convenient way!