Recently, people are shifting their focus from how mystical evil eye amulets or necklaces can be to how fashionable and pretty they are. These gems have been considered sacred for years and have been held in high significance across the globe in different cultures. Anyone buying an evil eye necklace would either buy one because of its beauty or wear it for protection.


The evil eye meaning has roots in some deep spiritual ideology. The human consciousness beyond the metaphysical world has been made to believe highly in the spiritual existence of supernatural strongholds. It is not new that the dominating religions acknowledge that perpetual evil exists even despite overwhelming goodness in existence. The two co-exist and this has built and molded the minds of the people toward how they connect to the world and tend to their spiritual needs.

There are superstitious connotations that suggest that whether you do good or bad, there is an eye watching you; the same beliefs that say the walls have ears so be careful what you say. The eye is believed to sometimes visualize and behold things the realms of mortals cannot comprehend.

It is assumed that people cast evil glares to cause misfortune as a result of envy sprouting from another achievement. For example, if I got promoted at work, I would rather keep my goodness to myself because I am not sure who wants to see me happy or cast an evil glare at me.

However, people wear the evil eye necklace which serves as an element of protection and guidance to wade off evil and ill luck – like a “back to the sender’s” response. Irrespective of religious standards the fear that evil permeates this world triggers the need to shield and protect oneself from evil.


The Evil Eye reality can be traced back to the ancient greek culture where it is known as “mati” a curse that was given to someone with a hostile stare resulting in recipients’ destruction or misfortune. Studies say that its existence dates back to five millennials ago, as early as civilization itself.

This eye-catching symbol has been said to strive across cultures including Latin America and some parts of Asia. The Evil Eye symbol characterizes the shape of an eye in four concentric circles and is used to wade off evil or curses motivated by the envy of others.


Those that believe solely in evil eye necklaces understand that the colors distinguish them for their different purposes. For example, the evil eye red necklace brings you courage, enthusiasm, and energy; protection from fears and anxieties. The evil eye gold necklace would protect your health; give you relief from exhaustion and help your mind to concentrate. The evil eye pink necklace would protect your friendships; it would provide a calming feeling, and promote contentment and relaxation.

The evil eye necklace has become a popular fashion item in recent years, as people are drawn to its unique and beautiful design. Whether you believe in the power of the evil eye or not, there is no denying that these necklaces make a statement. If you are interested in purchasing evil eye jewelry, be sure to check out Cult of Sun jewelry!