Streetwear is a very popular style, particularly with younger generations. This style represents self-expression, youth, and creativity. Streetwear combines comfort and athletic wear with fashionable items and fits. 

This attire first began to emerge in the 1980s in the United States and was associated with hip hop and rap music, as well as skateboarding culture. The 1990s is probably when streetwear hit its peak in popularity, with wearers being inspired by celebrities and the new wave of hip-hip stars sporting the look during this decade.

Streetwear remains a top style even today. Looking to achieve this look? Here, we describe what streetwear fashion includes, how you can style yourself and what style icons you can look to for further inspiration:

Streetwear fashion – what is the style?

Streetwear is a very casual look, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing this style. While there are a number of designer brands such as Balenciaga that have extensive streetwear ranges, there are many dupes at lower budget stores. You do not need expensive labels to be able to rep the look, it is likely you already have items in your closet that can be incorporated into new outfits in the style.

Key streetwear pieces you need and how to style them:


Hoodies are a streetwear staple and there are a huge number of options to choose from. Zip up hoodies are convenient, or you could opt for a pull-on hoodies with or without a logo or print. 

A hoodie can be worn as the outer layer, or you could style it beneath a bomber jacket, oversized denim jacket or a puffer coat for added warmth. 


There are a number of jeans options too, you could opt for a stacked denim streetwear vibe or straight leg design. Distressed or ripped leg jeans are popular in streetwear, as they help to create a casual, worn in look. Any color of jeans is suitable, including light wash, dark wash and black styles.


Sweatpants are a comfier alternative to jeans; baggy styles work well for a streetwear look. You could pair your pants with a matching sweatshirt or style with a basic logo, slogan or plain t-shirt and sneakers.


On the topic on t-shirts, you are going to want to opt for comfort fit and oversized tees rather than fitted options. Cotton t-shirts are a popular choice and plain white shirts can be useful to stock up on as they pair well with lots of different patterns, colors and prints.


Lastly, owning sneakers is a must for anyone who wants to wear streetwear style. They are worth making an investment in. Adidas have a range of retro sneakers that are great for this look but there are many other brand options.

Alternative shoe options include Converses and Timberland boots. Your shoes should look casual without being scruffy.

Style icons – who can I look to for streetwear inspiration?

Travis Scott is one celebrity who loves to embody streetwear style, he tends to lean towards skater looks. You will spot Travis in cargo pants and loose-fitting shirts, as well as hoodies and large sneakers.

Singer and actress Selena Gomez is another style icon, she often wears quite feminine looks with elements of street style. For example, she may pair large gold hoops and a ponytail with a hoodie, sneakers, and racer shorts. Many of her looks are a nod to previous decades like the 70s.


Drake generally has a dressier fashion sense than common streetwear styles, however he still incorporates elements. He has been known to pair a silky suave bomber jacket with his favorite Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and skinny drop-crotch jeans. He is a good fashion inspiration for those that do not like an overly casual look.