New Year is almost here, which means your social is about to explode with the season’s hottest looks any minute now. Celebrity hairstylists have spilled some beans on what’s going to be in, and newsflash: lockdown locks are no longer trending. That’s right; it’s time to embrace a new you this season with our list of trendy cuts of 2023. From shaggy layers and blunt fringes all the way to this season’s modern take on classic bobs, there is something suited for everyone. Stylists at salon services by Ciel Spa suggest consulting with an experienced stylist to know what haircut best fits your hair. 

However, there are always some haircuts you can consider to rock your fashion statement. Let’s have a look at some of them.

7 Top Trendy Haircuts for 2023

Forever classic box bob

Bobs are not going away anytime soon, and this modern take on the classic proves just that. Expect bobs of all kinds all through the new season, like this one version called the “box bob.” These box bobs sport a floating look to give that much-needed facelift regardless of your face shape. 

Style the bob best with tousled waves, and you are ready to hit the streets. Effortlessly stylish and chic, this haircut is all you need to revamp your game while keeping low maintenance. 

French-vibes baby bangs 

Already seen emerging on the gram are these shiny baby bangs sported by celebrities and influencers alike. This clever look is our hot-favorite thanks to its versatility. You can tease the bangs for some volume, blend them with your layers to sport the classic look, or push them back when you mean strictly business. 

What’s more? baby bangs give that much-needed oomph you need to flatter your face no matter the cut. Pair them with a pixie cut, or flaunt them in a long ponytail when going vintage. The razor cut creates a wispy finish which means your perfect eyebrows will enjoy the spotlight too.  

Playfully edgy afros

You can trust us to get ahead on the trend, especially when it comes to Afro-textured hair. No longer do curly hair peeps need to shape or round their manes, as asymmetrical afros are here to stay. 

Asymmetrical afro hair can be playfully edgy, following an unbalanced pattern to strike the perfect balance between those chocolate curls. This new haircut is here to stay for women who have hair as rebellious as they are. 

70s inspired shags 

The year 2023 calls for a full-on revival of the shags. Yes, shags are back, and all hair textures are welcome to sport them. Picture this: long chops, great texture, and abundant layers. The modern shags can help you revive that punk rock and roll look or even help create a soft one. Versatile, right?

New York City-based hairstylist Wes Sharpton notes that shags work on everyone. She reports that this particular haircut will team up with your face to highlight the eyes and naturally contour the rest of your face for a special shout-out to your cheekbones. 

Stylishly chic pixie cut 

The short back and sides cut with a long top scream pixie, and you know it. Confidence is the key to rocking this mane, and you bet you have a lot of that. With some playful tweaks, this timeless cut is back again to rock your new season look. 

Stylists recommend wearing the pixie cut with a grown-out front fringe and possibly some vibrant color or extension. Whether you wear it one length or try a stylishly chic textured look instead, the pixie cut is bound to flatter and compliment your face. 

No-risk curve cuts 

If you love your hair more than you love change, the no-risk curve cut is your true calling. Don’t worry; this classic haircut is trending this New Year. What we love about this cut is that it keeps the length of your hair intact while providing it the fullness it deserves. 

You can even cut your hair shorter from the front to give a short-hair illusion now and then. No need to cut the manes you worked so hard on. This haircut can provide the proper fullness and bounce to your hair regardless of what your face shape is. 

Flashy collarbone haircut 

This haircut can speak volumes for those who love to show off more than just their mane. A haircut that falls right onto your collarbones without concealing them is the perfect length. No arguments.

Compliment this haircut with layers. Lots and lots of layers will look fantastic, and the possibility of a color change will surely make you look like that it-girl from magazines.