Since hair is one of the first places where the signs of aging begin to make their appearance, the effects can leave us feeling depressed and anxious. Even though hair loss is a gradual and inevitable part of aging itself for most of the population, negative psycho-social impacts can be quite damaging if you do not learn how to cope. Those same negative impacts can be even more scarring for people suffering from premature baldness. In either situation, coping mechanisms along the following lines can make a huge difference.

Fight Back

There are proven methods to halt hair loss and even grow back some of the lost hair. The Treatment Rooms is a leading hair transplant clinic London trusts wholeheartedly, so contact them to see what your options are. The best way to cope is to simply have the knowledge that you are not simply sitting back and letting it happen, but taking measures to both halt and treat the problem with the help of experts.


If financial factors are preventing you from getting treated at a hair transplant clinic, or in case you have a medical condition that is preventing you from seeking possible hair loss treatment options, you will need to maximise the situation. This isn’t that simple though, because we often mistake wilful avoidance as acceptance. Don’t accept the fact that your hair loss will make things more difficult for you socially; instead, accept the situation as it is, so that you can make the best out of it.

For example, both stylists and psychologists suggest that it is better to shave your head completely, if all that you are left with are a strands and wisps of hair. It portrays a stronger personality in men, rather than seeming like you are trying to grasp something that has already left a long time ago. Combovers are a no go here as they do nothing for your confidence!

Don’t Focus on It

If you are worried that others will be focusing on your new hairstyle or your decision to go bald, let them. They can focus as much as they wish, as long as you don’t. Keep in mind that you are aware, and you are doing the best with what you have. If you do not focus on what others are saying, they will eventually come to accept it just as naturally as you do.

On the other hand, if you complain about your hair loss with others, they will see it as you do, which is to say, a shortcoming. In simpler words, how you react to your situation will eventually be mirrored by those around you in the long term.

With so many options for treatment available today, no one really needs to go bald to begin with. Just remember that the faster you notice receding lines and thinning hair, the easier, more effective, and cheaper it will be for you treat it. Just in case that boat has sailed, cope like a pro by accepting the situation as it is, only to maximise it after.